Saturday, 25 September 2021

Is he asking me to do it with him? By Rhodry

William and Mary. Both had ideas, of how to act, she wanted him to be more classy more dressed up. And she dress more girly and more sexy.

So, when there was a chance, to show, each other. Of how the other should act and behave.
As Mary as Willian was more, manly than William was.
And Willian was more girlish, sexy sophisticated than Mary was in the years that she was.
William was strangely attracted to Mary as a girl. It was almost natural for him to want to have sex as a girl.
Strangely Mary was more than will to deflower, his womanhood. If they do this, if they have carnal sex with each other. They will be each other. Mary will now be William for the day on. And William will be Mary the same.
So it that William in Mary's body. As sorta horny. Party he almost comfortable as a girl. Or was it his feminine body, pumping those hormones in to his male mind. The urge of female sex as to much for him.
The question was that what he feels like the morning after, that he is still a girl?

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