Sunday, 19 September 2021

Can anybody hear me out there? requested by napo08

The Entity known as Kim Kardashian was a parasitic organism.

It would attach itself to a human.

It would quickly take over their mind.

It would absorbed their form and turn them into an exact copy of themselves.

They were now trapped as a passenger watching the world go by as it lived off their life force until they became too old or too weak.

Then it would find somebody else to take over leaving their previous host an old version of whoever they were before they were infected.

Tom did not know that he had been infected by Kim Kardashian when he met her.

He had no idea that he was being turned into her.

He had no idea that his thoughts were no longer his own.

He really started to believe that he had always been Kim Kardashian.

It was just after the final transformation that he knew there was something up.

There was number voice inside his head subduing his personality.

He was now a prisoner inside a Shell that was not his own.

He was now looking through eyes that were no longer his.

He was now living a life that was not anything he wanted to live.

The other side of the glass: requested by Anonymous


Patrick a financial banker who had been caught cooking the books was willing to do anything to get out of prison

He made a deal with a black magician who was inside for tax evasion.

The black magician told him that he could swap his body with the next visitor he received.

In return for this service he would have to give half of his ill-gotten gains to the black magicians caught.

So next visitors day he was excited to see his solicitors assistant.

The minute he saw her their eyes locked and they swapped bodies.

He had little time to adjust to his new situation as his own body on the other side of the glass started fitting and was taken away by one of the guards.

With the aid of her smartphone and access to her social media he found out everything he needed to know straight away to be her.

He resisted the temptation to explore her body.

Even though he was extremely turned on by the fact he now could see her massive breasts every time he looked down.

He drove to ger house and let himself in.

He made sure her son was not home befor sitting down at her desk and going through every piece of paperwork he could find.

At first he pretended to be her.

He cooked meals for her son and saw him off in the morning to school.

He dressed her body appropriately and did her hair and make-up and went to her job and kept the noise down whilst exploring her body at night.

It had been almost 6 months since he took over her body and life.

He was starting to get bored with it.

He liked being a woman he just did not like being a mother.

He found her job extremely boring.

He found himself slipping into old habits like scratching himself in public

He found himself walking and sitting like a man. 

He found himself getting back into sports and watching adult films.

He found he was no longer trying to hide his habit from her son who had started to notice the changes.

Hi son come and join me.

What am I my reading?

It's a book called getting to know your sexual side.

It's a book that tells you to throw away all inhibitions and get to know yourself inside and out.

Don't be so embarrassed!

Surely you see mummies boobies before!

Why don't you just come sit next to me and we'll put a film on.

I think you're really like College lesbians and the magic dildo.

What's the matter now!

I'm just getting naked!

You can't watch a film like this with your clothes on!

You need easy access to everything!

I don't know what's going on!

I don't know who you are!

But you are definitely not my mother!

He's had a complete mental breakdown!

Olivia Cooke: requested by Josef Zápotocky

Josef close his eyes and made a wish as he blew out his birthday candles.

When he open them he found himself sitting in a park eating watermelon.

It did not take him long to notice the changes that had happened to his body.

He was now female and wearing a skimpy bikini.

It did not take him long to realise his wish to be Olivia Cooke had been granted.

He could not believe that he now had access to her beautiful pussy and tits.

He did not know how long his wish was going to last so he was going to make the most of it.

He was unaware that this was a permanent swap and she in his body had no idea who she used to be.

The life I should have had: requested by Josef Zápotocky (Email)

For some people slipping through a dimensional rift in the fabric of space and finding themselves in a complete different universe where they were born female would be a terrifying thing.

But it was not for 23 year old Josef Smídová.

He never really felt like he belonged in the body he was in

He always felt that he should have been born a woman.

So when this happened to him it was like his life finally made sense.

He looked at his new female body.

He was shocked and surprised by how gorgeous it was.

He stripped off the tight-fitting clothes this body was wearing.

He checked himself out in the mirror and said to himself I am sex on legs!

He jumped up and down on the spot to see how it felt.

His beautiful breasts bounced up and down but it did not feel as good as he thought it would.

They were big heavy and very sensitive

He made a mental note to be more careful and gentle with them

He grabbed both cheeks of his ass and said to himself that's not bad

He let his hands slip down is firm flat soft stomach until it reached his new pussy

He gently slipped one finger between the lips which made him purr like a kitten.

Before he could get any further into his exploration the bedroom door open and a half naked man stood there with a look of annoyance on his face.

He said in a voice which was strong and manly and made his female body tingle: how much longer are you going to be Nela?

The cameraman is getting impatient.

he wants to get at least three movies done today and you're holding us up.

So get your beautiful 23-year old ass downstairs so we can get started ok.

It was a bit of a shock to find out the woman he was now was a pron actress.

He nervously followed the man downstairs.

He was wondering what was going to happen.

He wasn't sure he was going to be able to perform.

But luckily for him the first shoot of the day was lesbian.

It felt incredible to have another woman eating him out.

He couldn't believe how much more sensitive everything else down there.

He could not believe how quickly it has become wet and sticky.

He could not believe how much he was into this.

Being a woman was better than anything he could have imagined.

After both of them had come and moan and scream several times.

They took a short break before they started on the 2nd filming of the day.

This one involved him and the other woman making out with the man.

He did not know how he felt about cupping another man's balls and sucking his cock.

But his male mind was overwhelmed by the emotions and arousal of a sexual womans body.

So when he saw the man's hard cock in front of him he found himself eagerly joining in with the other woman.

They took it in turns to suck his cock and lick his balls until he shot his load all over their pretty faces.

He was now feeling extremely comfortable as a woman.

He was feeling at home in his new body and gender.

He was feeling like this was where he always was meant to be.

So when it was time to go on for the 3rd shoot of the day.

He was extremely looking forward to it.

This time it was just him and the man.

After getting the man good and hard and the man getting him wet and sticky.

He lifted up the little skirt he was wearing bent over the desk  and was taken as a woman for the first time.

At first it was a shock.

He could not believe the man's big hard throbbing cock could fit inside his tiny pussy.

He could not believe how good it felt once it was in.

He could not believe how good it felt as the man pounded his pussy.

He allowed his body to rock back and forward with the motion of the man.

He squealed and moaned at the right times and then the man emptied himself inside of him which was the single most wonderful thing he has felt that day.

As he lay over the desk panting with pleasure he was pretty sure he was going to enjoy his new life as a woman.

Saturday, 18 September 2021

I do miss a good burger. By Rhodry

Michael was cursed, by a witch. How well he really said the wrong thing, to the wrong person. When he called her a witch bitch. He was closer than he knew to the truth.

He transformed into a beautiful woman, both gave excitement and shock. Two his clothes, seem to change to. into more sexy apparel and the shoes were high heels. The underwear were more revealing than a sexy bikini.
And his need to look pretty and appealing to guys, gave him no real joy to it.
And the need to have sex with men, men was a need, than want but he got used to it.
But the worst of it was that. He couldn't eat food. He could taste it, eat it, but somehow he couldn't survive on food, it was like moment of pleasure than requirement. It like drinking he could drink water, coffee was more a moment of pleasure to. And alcohol how he misses that, that taste, was also moment too.
It took him several days by accident that semen, actual semen could satisfy his hungry.
That he need his hungry, the worst of it, he need one or two each day. To stay full, if he missed a day or two.
He going into a sorta sexual orgy that requires three or four men to satisfy his need.
The worst of it. He is actually starting to enjoy it. Sometimes. The problem was his male mind in this female body was confused him to know end.
He couldn't understand, why he could find away out of it. But the curse that put on him was trick and complex.
One she wanted him to know that he was still a guy. In a body of girl.
Two that to dress sexy.
Three his need for sex is both a desire and a shock.
Four his need for semen was requirement to live.
Five his male ego still refuses to except a girl, a woman did this to him.
Six his feminine body goes on automatic each time need to feel.
And the worst of it. He was this gorgeous girl taking semen from them.

Futanari By Rhodry

RJ was fascinated of this Japanese aminated adult video. It was about these Futanari. He didn't know how or why he was. Especially this red-head girl.

Then he was exactly like her. Right down to her genitally, what strange about it. Well she had a male penis. And breast, RJ looked and sound, dressed like a girl. RJ this red-headed girl.
But he had a penis, he was a girl and had a penis. Actual penis.
It was confusing and exciting at the same time. So he lower his panties down to expose his/her penis. He/she getting excited. Actually excited. Before she started spew his/her jism on to a cloth.
When he/she finished. RJ tasted it. Why did RJ tasted it. Curious maybe. Or was she more a futanari than she really it.

I think I came out on top: By Rhodry

There wasn't one boy who took Ms. Sanderson Science and Technology teacher. Who fascinated of her. And not because she was smart and cleaver. And very pretty for a mature middle aged woman.

But mostly they were really interesting in the science. But they were more interesting in biological her.
Its not I was fascinated in too, But also, the science and technology she teaches too. She need a assistant or helper. Of course nearly ever boy want to help her.
But she choices me, of all the students.
She told me to meet her at private studio. TO her help a project.
After a few hours later. I meet her at her studio. She show me device about the size of medium suitcase.
She developed a mind transfer develop, that could teach the most dimmest people to a high level of understanding. So said.
And I was the first to be tested out.
She placed a pad on my head and one on her. As a test, I knew college level math that took many months. Of studying in a few minutes.
Its was fascinating, the memories were at first surprising that I knew all this stuff. All at once.
But before I could process it fully, Ms. Sanderson did something else to the machine, she said that it would take time process.
What she said that she going to power it down. Until the next trail.
But really she activated another function of the device.
At first I saw Ms. Sanderson and then I saw myself the next minute, then I saw Ms. Sanderson again several times. But that wasn't the only thing I saw, I felt myself, I could actual her body, I could feel her body, breasts, the feeling between her legs.
Then I pass out. A few hours later, woke up, I felt strange, but not comfortable.
Oh, oh my my head. What, what I sound funny, I felt funny.
For some strange reason, I took the glass of wine almost like instinct. But I never had wine , before. When I tasted it. It felt familiar to me, which was impossible.
What, what the my breasts, my breasts. My Loins, my loins. Feel, feel tingly.
What my breasts, lions. I have breasts, there wasn't anything there. Oh, oh I , I have a vagina.
Then I saw her in the mirror. no, I wasn't look at her in the mirror. I was looking at myself in the mirror.
I'm , I'm her, I'm actually her. Then I saw that I, her/him was gone. And so was her device. And a message was playing.
When I heard a third time. Then then things things started to unspool in my mind. I, I started to have these memories that weren't mine. BUT I still remember I was to.
Thought I was angry about it, I strangely wasn't. Yes, I wasn't a teenager, I was a beautiful smart mature woman.
I lost several, several years which most was a problem. But not for me.
It will take, sometime to fully adjust being a girl, a woman, to be her.
No, that's not right. To be the version of her, I mean me.
As I explored my new femininity. This my first day, but not my last day as a girl?

She definitely used to be a man. By Rhodry

These two humanoids aliens. Decided to visit a primitive world, a world called Earth. Unfortunately you need permission to visit primitive worlds like this, that in a short time will be level one and soon level two in a several " untranslatable".

These beings look exactly like us. We could borrow and play with them for " untranslatable " time.
In a classical alien abduction. These two decided too borrow there bodies mature mother and sister. The two aliens were surprised of such low level being like these, could develop near one level culture. There minds were barely 6 or 7 percent used.
They could fully transferred and have room to boot. So they but there original body in stasis.
As they left there craft in there hoist bodies.
These are native female that aren't to un to similar to our peoples females.
AS they slowly undressed there hoist bodies. Another native appear in the structure.
As the Mother hoist and daughter hoist noticed a teenage boy. Shocked and surprised what his mother and sister were doing.
Before he could do anything. Mother had strange looking flashlight device. That flash. All the sudden he black out.
As he woke up. His mother and sister were smiling at him. He could swear, he's mother and sister were stark naked. And that strange feel that these two weren't there mother and sister. But they were at the time. And other thing is like he had sex with them. But that was impossible. But he had that feeling. It was like there as a hole in his mind.

She knows how to pick them. By Rhodry

Simon hated it, he really hated it. Why because of several things, one she just as smart as he is, two besides her brains and she was beautiful too. Three she has a talent, a ability which Simon doesn't have.

How she discovered or knew she had this ability that is another story. How it I know, well that is a longer story too.
Why when his sister decides to have a romp in the sack with guys, she might like want to see or not. But sometimes, sometimes they want to see her again. Or do it again with her.
But sometimes either she not interesting in them really, want to do it. But want see her again.
So she decided to used his body for a day. And Simon gets to play her sister and gets her left-overs. Her second time over. Which for Simon as his sister, it experience the first for him. Or for him as her. To have carnal sexually experience as her.
She believe he hated it. When she decided take a day out as a she and be him for a day.
Simon is beginning to enjoy his time as her. He wondered why him, why not some one of her friends Or was it, she wants to keep it secret to them. The question is that could I do it too. If I can't why can she do it?

I know it's not there. By Rhodry

Alan was barely 17 years ago. He like being a guy allot. But a day or so, Allan wasn't the guy he original was. He was physically, biologically, genetically a female, a girl, a woman. It was still barely three months later. Allan still adjusting to the fact he's a she. His male brain is still trying wrapping what happen to him.

These was the first time he agreed to dress more girly. This was the first time he wore a dress, actual dress and heels on.
But what bother him. Was that feel he, still had, that sensation. That he had his penis, but that was impossible, it somehow transfigure into actual vagina.
But that feeling Allan had was annoying to him. He need to have something in his vagina, its like he did had one still.
He didn't know why he like the feeling , of long object inside his vagina. He actually is enjoying it. He is enjoying feeling of something inside of him.

Hapless and happy: By Rhodry

Nobody told Daniel who was now Courtney, he is in her body now, he didn't know how or why it happen. Oh yes, thought about being close to Courtney. But she knew of Daniel, but other than she knew him. She didn't care about him. But now Daniel is Courtney, in the middle of the beach. Daniel was in the middle of volleyball game. Before he realized what happen. Daniel just reacted to what happen.

He was in the heat of game, he just reacted, but what happen next was both embarrassing and a shock.
Somehow her bikini top, got loosen in the middle of the game. The surprising thing, no one seem, to care, or shocked. about a beautiful young woman. Who lost her bikini top, it might cause some interested to a few guys including himself. But now its a other thing now that he or she is the one, that it happen. He not sure, how to handle it.

Friday, 17 September 2021

Beta test.

Daniel was excited to show Simon his new app which he had been working on for years.

Simon really wanted to know what this app was all about.

Daniel would not tell him what it did.

Daniel insisted on showing him.

Daniel waved his tablet in front of Simon.

Simon suddenly found himself transformed into a woman who was wearing nothing but underwear.

Simon in a sweet voice demanded he turned him back into a man.

Daniel pressed the back to original button but nothing happened.

Daniel reminded Simon it was only in beta.

Simon was not happy.

I do miss a good burger.

Michael could cope with almost every aspect of the witches curse.

He could cope with being turned into a woman and a bimbo

He could cope with having a inappropriate dress sense.

He could cope with not wearing any underwear.

He could even cope with having sex with men.

The only part he could not cope with was his new dietary requirements.

Food no longer did anything for him.

The only thing he could eat that made him feel full and satisfied was fresh semen.

which meant everyday he had to find four or five guys to come into his mouth.

which thanks to the gorgeous body he now had was not hard to do

Thursday, 16 September 2021

I just want to go home.

21-year old William was having trouble with the body the company had given him whilst he was visiting Asia for a company training program.

He was finding it extremely difficult to cope in the body they had given him.

He was finding it hard being a young woman with raging hormones who nobody took seriously.

He wish they had just cancelled instead of this.


I hate being a teenage girl!

I hate wearing a dress and I hate the wind for blowing it up and showing everybody I'm not wearing knickers!

I know it's not there.


Even though 17 year old Alan no longer had his massive dick anymore thanks to the great shift putting him into the body of a gorgeous sexually active woman he occasionally suffered from phantom erections which caused his muscle memory to react to it as if it was still there.

Wednesday, 15 September 2021

Hapless and happy

Nobody told Daniel who was courtney in the body of a beautiful and rather attractive young woman that he should have put on his bikini top back on before playing beach volleyball.

Guys can be so annoying when you are a woman.


Michael who was now in the body of a young woman stepped out of the bathroom in his underwear.

He said which one of you did not put down the toilet seat which was now one of his biggest pet hates.

His roommates just looked at him and started laughing.

They asked him what that shit on his face was.

Michael had forgotten he was wearing a mudpack.

He just looked at them and said you know I have to take better care of my skin now that I'm a woman.

Before adding if this keeps up none of you will be enjoying my pleasures tonight as he turned and walked out of the room.

Tuesday, 14 September 2021

She knows how to pick them.

Simon used to hate it when his sister would steal his body and leave him trapped in hers.

She usually did it after a night out when she did not want to deal with the consequences of sleeping with strange men and having to walk home with her knickers in her handbag.

But nowadays he just finds himself having her sloppy seconds and really enjoying his time in her body which he was pretty sure would annoy her if she knew about it.

They pay me for this.

Check these bad boys outside Simon to himself as he looked down the blue top he was wearing.

He could not believe how good a summer job working at this watching was.

He originally thought it would be all of fat men he originally thought it would be all of fat men.

So he was pleasantly surprised to find out 80% of their clients will young women who had hectored lives.

He also found out as long as he shown good results at the end of the month he could practically do anything he wanted whilst in their bodies for the 6 hour workout session a day.

I will do a 3-hour workout and then Mike and Scott can screw me for 2 hour and then 1 hour to clean up. 

Monday, 13 September 2021

She definitely used to be a man.

Some men who were now women thanks to the fem virus adapted pretty well to their new situations and could pass in normal society as a woman.

But then there was those men who founded hard to adapt.

They found the little things the most difficult to do.

Like wearing knickers and not squatting down in public like a man to search through their handbags for something.