Thursday, 17 June 2021

Yes they are great tits: requested by Josef Zápotocky

16-year old Josef could not believe that just because he had landed in a famous and quite attractive woman's body (Marie Avgeropoulos) thanks to the great shift he was no longer allowed to join the rest of the boys in mowing lawns to raise money for the school football team.

But was instead was sent off with the other attractive girls to wash cars to raise money for the cheerleaders instead.

Amy Adams: requested by Josef Zápotocky


There was a big school dance coming up in a couple of weeks & 16-year old Josef was looking forward to going.

But that all changed one night when the great shift left him in the body of Amy Adams..

He was terrified and scared to be a woman.

He wasn't sure how his friends were going to take who he was now.

He told his mother when he found out the dance had not been cancelled he was not going.

His Mother insisted that he went.

She told him he would regret it for the rest of his life if he did not go.

So he found himself in a tight fitting dress hair and makeup all done at the school dance waiting for somebody to pluck up the courage to ask him to dance.

The wedding: requested by email


Annie was devastated when she found out her mother was not going to make it to her wedding breakfast and photo session due to her flight being delayed because of bad weather.

Her friend Peter seeing that she was upset asked her was there anything he could do to help?

Annie looked at him and said this sound crazy but would you mind if I turn you into a replica of my mother to fill in for her until she gets here?

Peter did not like the sound of it but he did not want to say no to his friend on her wedding day.

Annie took him off to her room where she had some special make-up she used in her job as a makeup artist.

One of them was a cream called him to her.

She made him strip.

She covered every inch of his body in the cream.

She sprayed him with a liquid called essence of woman.

The spray immediately cooled him down.

She took a device out of a bag.

It looked like a hand scanner and scanned a photograph of her mother.

She then press two buttons on the device and turned it on him
he dropped a few inches in height and gained a few pounds in various places.

But the strangest sensation was when his dick retracted into his body and formed a vagina.

She gave him the outfit she had brought with her for her mother to wear and helped him get dressed.

She did his hair and make-up and told him just act natural and pretend to be her.

Everything was going perfectly until he runs into Annie's father & Katarina's ex-husband who was hoping the wedding would rekindle inside her (love for him).

Por Peter did not know what to do.

He was now trapped pretending to be Katarina & fighting off her ex-husband sexual advances.

He was looking forward to turning back into himself before he did anything crazy.

So he was a little bit disappointed when Annie came over and told him.

Mums not going to get in until tomorrow so you're going to have to pretend to be her for the rest of the wedding.

Por Peter did not know if he was going to last the wedding & reception without giving into Katarina's ex-husbands wandering hands & sexual advances.

Te dress : requested by email

Ryan had spent the weekend at football camp.

The minibus drop him outside his house.

He entered the front door and shouted is there anybody home.

He was surprised to find he had the house all to himself.

As he walked down the hallway towards the kitchen he spotted hanging on a mannequin an Elsa’s from Frozen costume.

He guess is was what his sister was planning to wear for her fancy dress birthday party.

He did not know what it was about the costume but there was something about it that made him want to touch it.

He reached out one hand.

He gently stroke the sequin dress as if it was a kitten.

He got the weirdest sensation after touching the dress.

He had the weirdest desire to see himself wearing it.

He unzipped the dress and removed it from the mannequin.

He took it up to his bedroom.

He locked his bedroom door.

He eagerly stripped off and stood there naked.

He stepped into the dress and riddled it on.

It was a little bit tight in places but he was surprised by how well it fitted him.

He stood in front of the mirror amazed by how beautiful he was in the dress and started posing for his own amusement.

After about an hour and 20-minutes of enjoying it he thought to himself I better get this off before anybody gets home.

He reached behind himself for the zip which had easily gone up and found it was stuck.

No matter how much he struggled he could not get the dress off.

He realised he was stuck.

It was like the dress was now a part of him.

He decided to go downstairs to get a pair of scissors to cut it off.

He unlocked his bedroom door and stepped out cautiously into the hallway.

The minute he left his room the hallway transformed around him the floors walls and ceilings all turned into ice.

He ran towards the stairs which the minute his feet touched turned to ice as well.

It seemed like the whole entire house was turning into an ice palace around him.

All this was too much to take in and he started to feel overwhelmed and panic-stricken.

As he still there trying to calm himself down he felt a strange tingling energy feeling his body.

He caught his reflection in one of the ice walls and let out a scream of terror.

He looked down at his hands to confirm what he had just seen was real.

He now had slender arms, dainty little fingers with perfect nails.

He let his gaze wonder from his arms up his torso.

He now had a flat stomach an hourglass waist & two beautifully formed breasts.

He felt  something tickling the nape of his neck which was now slender and beautiful.

It turned out to be his long hair in a ponytail resting on his shoulder.

He was terrified that he might be stuck like this forever.

But what Ryan did not know was that his sister had a sneaky suspicion that he was into dressing up in women's clothes.

So she had used a spell on the dress to transform Ryan into Elsa the Snow Queen herself.

Wednesday, 16 June 2021

My first night out.

Tony who was now in the body of a middle aged woman could no longer ignore his new bodies sexual tastes.

He made himself up as best as possible and headed out to one of the sleaziest bars in town.

It wasn't long before a man had come up to him.

Tony check the man out.

He could tell by how wet his panties were getting his body liked him.

The man asked Tony can I buy you a drink.

Tony looked at the man and said in a sweet voice I know what you want and it isn't to buy me a drink.

He wriggled off the stool as ladylike as possible.

He took the man by the hand and let him off to the men's restroom.

Once inside the rest room he locked the door pulled off his knickers and left everything else to the man.


Alan, Michael and Richard three boys who wanted to join a frat.

They when to Alpha Kappa on pledge day.

They could not believe what they had to do to pledge.

They had to allow the frat members to turn them into teenage girls with extremely high libidos.

They had to cover themselves in chocolate sauce and whipped cream and put a red cherry in there newly formed vaginas.

Then they had to serve the rest of the frat members all night without giving in to the new libidos and losing there cherrys.

Tuesday, 15 June 2021

Mother I've got something important to tell you: requested by Anonymous.

Will could not believe only two years after his father's death his mother was considering going back on the dating scene.

He could not believe just after six months on the dating scene she had met somebody.

He could not believe just after 3 weeks of dating this man she was going to marry him.

For his mother's happiness he promised her that he would try and get on with his new step dad.

But from the moment he met him he did not like him.

There was just something strange and not quite right about him.

He did not like the way his new step dad tried to order him around.

He did not like the way his new step dad manipulated his mother into spending less time and effort on him.

He did not like it when his stepfather stopped his allowance and told him he should get a job.

He did some background research into the man that his mother was going to marrie and found that this man was on the missing list.

According to what he could find out this man had been missing for almost 4 years.

According to the information he was married with three children already.

According to the information he was wanted by the police for embezzlement.

He could not wait to tell his mother so she would kick him out of the house.

But before he could do anything things took a strange twist.

You know Will you should really clear your history after you have used the computer.

I was not going to take over your mother so quickly but you force my hand.

Don't worry about her she's in my body and she's been taken care of.
she just did not take the swap to well so she's in the local sanatorium.

Now are you going to be a good boy and let me have this body or am I going to have to invite one of my body swapping friends over to give you a body you will not like?

Somewhere completely different: requested by ZCaps

21-year old James was sat in front of his tv watching one of his favourite shows WandaVision.

He was so engrossed in what was going on the screen that he did not notice a green mist rolling out of the TV and towards him until it was too late.

It grabbed hold of his legs and dragged him into the TV.

Everything went fuzzy like static for a moment and when his eyes finally did clear he found himself in his favourite TV show.

He looked down to see why he felt so different.

What he saw really made him want to scream.

Somehow he had become Elizabeth Olsen's.

He did like what a lot of men would do & and felt himself up.

He was amazed by how sensitive and realistic everything was.

It was more realistic then any dream he had ever had.

Then some guy shouted off in the distance what are you doing?

That's when he noticed the film crew staring at him.

That's when he realised he really was in her body.

Something not quite right? requested by Anonymous.

Raul started suspecting there was something wrong with his mother almost immediately after they returned from their vacation.

It was like everything was new to her.

It was like she was trying to pump in for information on her life.

She would sometimes forget the simplest things and other times she just had no idea what she was doing.

As far as he could tell she had become a completely different person.

She became very secretive and would lock herself away in her room for hours.

He would hear her through the door talking to a man who could not be there.

I must admit I picked a perfect one this time.

She might be middle-aged but she still got a cracking pair of breasts and a killer ass.

It's just a pity she's got a kid.

I better keep on pretending to be his mother until I can find a way to get him out of the house so me a my body possessing buddies can have some fun.

 Mum who are you talking to in there?

Monday, 14 June 2021

She's just what I want: By Rhodry

Robert one of many, as he found out. Who used this taxi. There a stories of people changing or switching there bodies. But no one really really believe it.

How did know this, because six months ago. He was himself. But that fateful day. He called a taxi. The ride wasn't abnormal. But when he left, or so left the cab.
So he thought. Before he saw himself left the taxi.
He tried leave get him before he left.
What was strange that he couldn't. As the shift ended. He drove to unknown place, home in a area he didn't know of, the place retro modern look.
This was his place to live, he never clean up. Or shop, got thing to keep it up.
But the place, and taxi, to run as it was new.
Robert was getting tired of doing these. He was trapped as a cabbie for six months.
Then a middle-age business women enter the taxi.
Then some felt different . Maybe, maybe the I can leave this taxi for good. If I do this then , I will free. But I'll be of this taxi.
He did his job. the business women was a bit annoyed of him taken longer than normal.
As she started to leave the taxi. I said those words " have a good day"
As Robert said that. He was her, and she was that cabbie. As he was.
Robert one happy that he free, two he was a she, a girl, a woman. Who was wearing a skirt-suit. He was wearing nylons, and walking in heels.
He was still very pretty for her age.
I'm possible management possible middle management.
At first he was happy.
As he found his place.
As he opened the door. His surprised became a bit of shock.
He saw a snotty teenage boy. Playing video games
He was wondering why she was late.
As Robert had think of something.
He said and what did you do all day. Son.

Kaya Scodelario: requested by Josef Zápotocky

It was better than Josef had imagined.

It just felt incredible to be Kaya Scodelario.

Everything about her body was just so delightful from her beautiful breasts to her neat and trimmed pussy.

He could not believe how incredible it was to take a piss with a vagina.

He could not believe how incredible it was to wear make-up and have his nails polished.

He could not believe how incredible it was to wear a skirt and have the wind whistling around his legs.

He could not believe how incredible it was to finger yourself.

He couldn't believe how incredible a clitoris was which reacted to the gentlest of touch with the most incredible sexual energy.

He could not believe how long and how powerful a female orgasms was.

All this made him 100-percent sure he had picked the right woman.

New feelings for each other: requested by Anonymous.

When you and your assistant are on the run from the law for illegal experimentation what better place to hide but in Plain Sight in Suburbia.

Which was exactly what Mr Frank and his assistant Mr Gore had to do.

First thing they had to do though was fine suitable bodies for their brains.

They kidnapped two middle-aged women from the local mall car park.

One was a middle aged woman name Sarah with beautiful red hair who worked as a science teacher at the local high school so Mr Frank put his consciousness in her body knowing he could easily play a science teacher.

The second woman was a silver haired fox named Margaret.

She was a stay-at-home mum with two children and a husband.

Mr Frank put his assistant mind in her body knowing that he would make a good housewife and mother.

6 months into their hiding things were getting a little bit strange for the two men.

Mr Frank found out something serious about his body it turned out she was a lesbian and was in love with Margaret.

Mr Gore in Margaret's body discovered she was bisexual and had feelings for Sarah.

The more they looked into the lives they had taken over the more clear it came that the two women were having an affair.

Mr Frank: I know we should resist his bodies urges!
But I cannot stop thinking about you every day and night Mr Gore.

Mr Gore: I understand Mr Frank.
I have the same problem despite having sex with my husband every night it is your female body I am imagining towering over me and taking me.

Mr Frank: should we really be doing this Mr Gore?
Is it going to make things strange & awkward between us when we defrost our bodies and put our minds back in?

Mr Gore: I don't know about you Mr Frank but I never want to go back!
I love my new life and I love you.
I think we should stay like this forever.
I think we should run off and start again somewhere new?


How the other half live: requested by Anonymous.

Looking at the two beautiful middle-aged women making out on the bed you would never believe just 16 hours ago they were two homeless Men by the name of Alex and Tony who found a strange looking device in a bin.

The device they had found was a homemade experimental mind reading device which had been thrown out by the buildings supervisor when the man who had invented it forgot to pay his rent so was evicted.

The two homeless men had no idea what they had found.

They pressed every button on the device.

The device overloaded and exploded in their filthy faces.

For a couple of seconds they found themselves floating above their passed out bodies.

Then they found themselves being pulled by invisible string into the building.

They found themselves in an apartment where two middle-aged women were making out on the settee.

They found themselves pulled into the woman's slightly drunk and horny bodies. 

Oh my god look at us!
We are women!

Alex in the black haired woman's body asked Tony is your pussy as wetting mine?

The two guys flashed each other excited and overwhelmed by the sensation they were feeling.

Before they knew what they were doing they  were making out with one another.

It has been a long time since either of them had had a woman like this!

Sunday, 13 June 2021

I will be mother to you now: requested by Anonymous.

75 year-old Albert had dedicated his life to serving his country and working hard.

He had never had time for a family which was something he regretted now that he was so old and so near the end of his life.

So when the great shift gave him a second chance at a family he went at it full heartedly like everything else he had done in his life.

He did his best to take care of the kid that he was now in charge of until his mother was found.

He did his best to be respectful to her body around him.

So this is me now a middle-aged woman.

So I'm going to have to get used to wearing bras and panties.

I'm going to have to checking me out in picturing me naked.

I must admit I cannot blame them for doing that.

This body is not bad for each age and her breasts are still magnificent.

Am I making myself wet just imagining myself making love to men.

I must get a look at the vigina that is now between my legs.

This thing is not easy to see.

But it feels warm and wet and very inviting.

I wonder what it would feel like if I put my finger in it.

This thing I will never get used to!

It is just so alien.

It makes me think and feel things I don't want to think and feel.

It makes me want to have a cock deep inside of me.

Scott I did not know you were back from school.

I did not want you to catch me playing with your mom's body.

It's a bit weird but if you want to watch I don't mind.

She's just what I want: requested by Anonymous.

Robert who had been trapped in this old body for the past six months new the minute he saw her flagging him down that she was the one he wanted.

He did his best to make the taxi ride the required distance needed to make the swap happen.

Which meant his passenger was a little bit annoyed with him for taking the longest route possible.

But when he finally pulled up outside her apartment and wished her goodnight he was over the moon to feel his mind leaving this body and entering hers.

As he walked unsteadily on the high heels from the taxi to the apartment building where the doorman opened the door and wished Mrs Robinson a good evening he was going to enjoy being a middle aged business woman.

But that or change when he entered her apartment and found a snotty nose teenage boy sat on the couch playing video games and demanding to know why she was late.

Alex Morgan: requested by Josef Zápotocky

Josef was an up-and-coming football star.

It was predicted that he would be the greatest footballer his country had ever seen.

But that all came to a crashing halt when he lost both his legs in a terrible car crash.

He was devastated and miserable.

He did not see that his life had any meaning left.

One night whilst drunk & feeling sorry for himself he once again pledged his soul to the devil if he would give him the life he should have had before the accident took it away from him.

The next morning he was in for a surprise.

He found himself in a hotel room.

He found himself with long hair breasts and a vagina.

He found himself with two perfectly working female legs.

It was only when he looked in the mirror he saw who he was now.

Somehow he had become Alex Morgan.

Camilla Luddington requested by Josef Zápotocky

Josef  despite being a young man had always dreamt of being a successful and talented woman and thanks to the great shift putting him in the body of Camilla Luddington his dream in a roundabout sort of way came true.

Saturday, 12 June 2021

Better than I thought it would be.

Jamie had always been into female urination porn.

He did not know why but it just seemed to make him so hard watching a woman squat down and urinate.

He did his best to make his masturbation sessions last as long as the video so he could come at the same time she finished peeing.

Unfortunately or fortunately depending on how you looked at it one night he came just at the point the FOSE swept across his neighbourhood putting him in her body and him in hers.

The first thing he did in her body was to have a pint of water so he could take a good long pee.

The second thing he did in her body was to masturbate all night.

The third thing he did in her body was to claim his identity.

The fourth thing he did in her body when it was legally his was to carry on her career.

Oh Brother what have you been up to? By Rhodry

Sara was wondering of what happen to her 15 year old brother Michael. Sara was about 19 years old.

Michael was sorta jealous of Sara because of several things. One she could drink and and have fun as adult.
Somehow, someway. Michael was change into a young girl about 19 or 20 or 22 years old.
Michael was was happy that his much, much older then is 15 years old. It didn't matter to him, that he's a girl, a girl in dress, and heels,
As the effects of him being a girl wore off. He deciding he wanted to go clubbing or to a bar legally.
He told Sara that he wanted to enjoy clubbing for the night. Sara sorta didn't like it. But he said he was more matured the he looked. Technically it was true.
Sara wasn't sure that Michael as girl couldn't handle it.
When Sara woke the next morning.
Sara was her newly transformed brother. Still wearing the same dress. His clothes upheaval, his legs were spread to expose, his new feminine crotch.
Sara noticed that he wasn't his panties.
She quickly looked around. To see that if he took them off. Or was it something else.
Sara had this bad thoughts. No, no he couldn't have. Yes, yes he could. A few drinks and suddenly being a girl. And probably being horny, a horny girl.
Yes, yes, he could. their could be a slim change he could be pregnant Mom could be a grandma , and I could be aunt.
Michael, Michael wake up, wake up.
What, what do you want. oh, oh my, my head really, really hurt. What, what happen.
What happen, you decided to fun as your self. But you did as a girl.
You, you mean, I , I did it. You mean, I , I didn't oh, my.
Yes, we need to see , if you might be.

Could it get any worse? By Rhodry

Simon was barely 37 years old. And now his a 15 year old girl.

How that was strange at best, how it happen well, his wives friend which she was amateur inventor.
She claims that created a device a machine. That can alter a persons genetics. Either alter there gender, or rejuvenate a person. That could heel or help a person.
Simon didn't believe that it was possible that anyone could do it.
But Simon thought it was a joke. So he play with the buttons. He played with them. A light hit him enveloped him. At first it was a joke.
So, this, this your great invention, a light show.
I think I should stay, for awhile, she said,
Why the Simon wife asked.
If I'm right, the effects , should start soon.
After a few hours passed . Simon appeared again. But it wasn't Simon. But it was Simon. He looked like a girl in over-sized men's clothes.
You, you didn't this to me.
I didn't do it. To you, you did this to yourself.
Oh my Simons wife. You look like your twin sister if you had a sister, never mind a twin.
So what to do now Simon said.
Well I don't know, I believe the effects as permanent.
What you mean, that I'm stuck, as kid and a girl.
No, no your genetic been alter rejuvenated into about 15-years old maybe a bit younger.
So what to do next. Simon asked.
Well we have to make up a story that is convincing.
Simon will be enrolled in the local school. As 15 year old niece. That is a late developed , which is possible. I seem girls that hasn't really into there late teens. So the can be explained. The other that your a tomboy. And you been a tomboy most of life. So can probably get away with it.
And you were send hear learn to be more a proper girl. To smooth out the ruff edge do to speak out.
No, no I will not do this. Simon said.
Yes, yes you will she said.
A few weeks later, Simon enter school. In a school uniform, a female school uniform, what's worst to Simon that she going female puberty. She thinks of herself as Simon. Not Sharon as both Simon's wife and friend came up with.
Was worst than the female puberty, and his development.
He is starting to act like a girl. Starting to care about those girly things. Each time, Simon/Sharon catch himself thinking of it, she at to remind her, that is a guy in basics. But she is starting relinquish that part her life.
But that what worries her, she forget who she was!