Sunday, 22 May 2022

Mackenzie Davis: requested by Josef Zápotocky

Joseph saw this as opportunity to finally answer some questions he had always wondered about. 

Like what it feel like to have a vagina. 

Like what did it feel like to pee sitting down without your dick between your legs. 

Light wanted it really feel like to have a period and PMT. 

What did it really feel like to open your legs for a man's rock hard dick. He signed the contract offered to him. 

3 days later he was at the swap centre ready to start his new life as Mackenzie Davis.

While she took over being him and enjoyed her retirement away from the limelight.

Angourie Rice: requested by Josef Zápotocky

Josef had dreamt one day he would get to meet Angourie Rice. 

He never imagined he when get to meet her.

So when he got to meet her he was surprised she could see into his soul and that she could see what he really wanted.

He did not expect her to give him what he wanted. 

But here he was now Angourie Rice and he was extremely excited to see what life has her was like..

Whats going om? requested by Anonymous



Scots mother Emma had a double life.

There was the prison proper person she shown to her neighbours and her son and then there was the hot milf online persona.

Up to now she had managed to keep both lives separate.

But that all changed the day she met her new neighbour Mr Robinson.

He was a strange character.

He was a fan of her online work and was over the moon to meet her.

Over the next couple of weeks no matter where she seemed to go he seemed to be there watching her.

She decided to go over one night and have it out with him.

That was a big mistake.

He easily overpowered her and told her up.

He took great pleasure in telling her what he was going to do to her.

He merged his mind with hers and took control of her body.

She could do nothing but watch as a passenger through her own eyes as he ruined her life exposing her biggest darkest secret.

He broadcasted a live video of herself masturbating with her dildo to her friends and family with a link to her online site just in case they wanted to watch more all become a member.

Brandi Love: requested by Anonymous

It was a normal day until the world and his community was hit by the Great Shift.

18 year old VK was unaffected by it but his mother and father were not.

His mother 54 year old Emma swapped body with a 6 month baby boy.

Hi father 55 year old Allan swapped bodies with a hot blond MILF.

Due to this he lost his job as his colleagues found his new body and sexuality distracting.

VK's father Allan with plenty of time on his hands filled his days now with exploring and enjoying his new body.

He spends most of it locked in his room masturbating furiously and screaming with orgasmic pleasure.

With the family savings quickly running out and nobody bringing money in VK's father Allan decided to use his new body and sexual appetite to make money.

He set up an onlyfans where people pay to watch you masturbate.

He quickly discovered he needed more than just this to satisfy his new sexual urges.

He decided to become a high class escort as well as he knew people would pay good money to fuck him.

he made sure to keep his new professional a secret from his son as he knew he would not understand what he was doing.

That was 3 months ago now and Christmas was just around the corner.

VK's father Allan had a very full Christmas booking list

He told VK that his would be working late for the next three nights.

He told him that his grandmother would be taking care of his mother so he could have some time to himself.

VK was secretly delighted his father would be working away for a couple of nights.

That meant he could stay with his friend Tony and have a bit of a party.

Tony invited a couple of his friends and they set about getting the beer and snacks they were going to need.

Tony told him when he arrived that he had a surprise for everybody tonight.

That he had booked an escort for them to all lose their virginity to.

First night of the party was going well they were half drunk and waiting for their escort to come.

At 8 p.m. there was a knock at the front door and all the lads were extremely excited.

Tony went to the door and told the lads as he did get your cock out and get them hard.

VK sat on sofa playing with his cock excited to lose his virginity.

He looked up just as Tony walked into the room kissing a beautiful milf who was playing with his cock.

VK immediately recognized that the escort milf is none other than his father. 

He stood up and shouting what the hell are you doing here?

It was a very awkward situation VK and his father to begin

VKs father didn't stop playing with friends cock as he looked at his son shamefaced.

VKs father let go of Tony's cock as he emptied himself all over his hand.

He walked up to his son and whispered in his ear.

Don't be disappointed son in me.

I lost my job because my body is too sexy and turned on all the time.

Our savings were almost gone so I had no choice but to make money to put food on the table for you and mother.

I know this was not what you were expecting tonight but I can tell by your extremely erect cock you like what you see.

Don't forget we are not blood related and your friend has already paid for your go.

So why don't you let me take you into the bedroom and take your virginity?

VK did not know if it was the beer or his sexual hormones that made him do this but he leaned in and kissed his father.

He put his hand into his dad's panties and played with his dripping wet pussy there and then in front of his friends.

They both strip naked and fell back onto the couch and had sex with everybody watching.

Due to the sexual tension and the heat of the moment VK entered his father's dripping wet pussy bareback.

They both used as opportunity to relieve themselves of all the tension and stress caused by the Great Shift.

VK fucked his father's pussy really hard. 

He literally hammered it. 

In the heat of the moment he cummed inside his father internet playing out and coming over his tits.

After that father and son fucked everyday like rabbits. 

After one month VK's father period was late.

He new the only person he let come inside of him was his son.

He checked his morning after pills & saw he had forgotten to take aome of them.

He rushed out and body home pregnancy test

When he got back home he locked himself in the bathroom and follow the instructions.

It came back positive.

He was happy and terrified at the same time as he did not know how his son would take the news.

When his son got back from his new job that day he broke the news to him.

He was surprised when his son smelled got down on one need and said I'm better make an honest lady out of you.

To which VK's father Allan said yes.

After that VK's father gave up escort career.

He decided to become the perfect housewife.

Saturday, 21 May 2022

New body new me by Anonymous

Allan has been a bit of pervy since he was a 14 or 15 years ago. At that time, he accident discovered that he had powers like shapeshifting and possessing other people. Allan probably never a day in is life. He always borrow and got certain tips, to make him very comfortable in life. AND he still was more than conformable, to indulge his pass time, either copying that girl or possessing her for a time.

And he done it for many, many years, but of late it's been harder, and harder to transform or possess them. So he wanted to find a body which be for a time.
So he decided to take over a beautiful 40 something Mrs. Richardson. But there a problem it was Mr. Richardson her husband Alex's which, Allan did care for, Allan wasn't sure why he didn't like him.
So Allan decided cause accident, so Allan was Mrs. Richarson, he was now Sarah, so he knew how to get rid of him, with no real trace, he just added a few ingredients into his vitamin drinks. A few weeks late.
Alex died from a heart attack.
Of course, there was a police investigation by the coroner, it was ruled and accident,
A week later Alex laid to rest, and Sarah, Mrs. Richardson. Then Allan decided to fully absorbed, her body , her mind . In that day Mrs. Richardson, Sarah also died a quiet as Allan , the shock was to much for her.
In that moment Allan was Sarah. At moment he or she Mrs. Richardson, Sarah. She now had her knowledge, memories, and manners too.
So for next few days she pretended to grief for her husband. Then after the last of them left. And Sarah couldn't wait, to stop pretending that she cared.
Oh Gods, finally, these weeks pretending, switching back and for, to secret create new account for me now. Sarah took off those clothes she was wearing for funeral, and switch to clothes, that Allan well I'm not him, I'm her I'm Sarah now.
Oh, how I wanted this body. Not for a few hours or so. But now I'm her. I have to careful not to enjoy myself to much. But it doesn't means I can't play with myself , enjoy my body. I figure a year more, and I can do in more publicly. For the time being, enjoy myself privately will do. I live this long by being careful. I'm not going to change now?

Having fun by Anonymous.



Allan was a body hopper, a person can temporary be or take over that person. Allan was never a bad person, but not a saint either. He always tricker, a joker to a degree.

Sometimes he uses is ability to play tricks on someone else at times. His latest problems were, there three people. HIs friend's sister Emma is friendly enough but thinks of him as dirt. His later love interests a girl name Samantha that wouldn't want him at all. And was willing to tell him that not in a pleasant way.
The third was is his stepmom who control his fortune and treat him like a child and he was 25-years old.
So was his plan to get back. At people who treat him badly, first he changed into Emma, he was now Emma at frat party. He pretended to act drunk and start to make out with every frat guy. There was were. The next day or so. Emma's exploits was put on every chat site they subscribed to. But Emma was reputations was ruined.
But Allan's stepmom was next, he knew if he ruins her reputations was soiled a bit. So he decided to tech her a lesson too. So he slowly got his money, and more control.
Then it Samantha's turn. He decided to play with Samantha once or twice a week. For a few hours he pretending be her. He did things as her that, she wouldn't do or say. Like she was wrong, then the rumors started , whisper. She tried to deny it.
For some reason Allan started to enter Samantha body. more and more. First it was a few hours more and more. Then afternoon, or so every other week. Then a Saturday or Sunday seem to be fuzzy.
Allan created a site staring Samantha and her exploits. Then a few months later one of her co-workers saw it either by chance or accident. Samantha still said it's not her. Well it is and isn't at same time. Samantha, doesn't know that Allan is using her body to make money threw her.
It has to be someone who looks like me. She said. It seem that Allan is not done with her at all.

I don't know why I love it.



It was just a job, like any other job. He was to either get the information give to the people that employed him or terminate the person. He was a shadow, a ghost, in his business. He had a couple talents.

One he can get anything that is necessary, terminate the person that is necessary, leave clues other than accident. And his ability to be another person.
He chooses girls to be at the time, like secretaries, nurses, wives, teenage girls, college girls, cheerleader, sisters, the list goes on. He studies the what to do. Then he become that person, for a few , a day or so. And then he gets out. Leave no trails, no path. Always blend in. He is seen, but not seen at same time.
But this shell, this body he temporary took over was different. He felt that she wanted to get rid of him, and this female shell he is take over. Has a sexual aura about her. That was a bit intoxicating, this never happen to him. It was a bit to much for him.
No it just a job. But he wanted to play in this body a bit, before he finished his job. He had carnal sex with him for a night or three. Then he did his job, and terminate him that last night.
What away to go like that. For some reason, he should left her, that night, But he decided to stay awhile longer. He pretended to be the grieving window at the funeral.
So he send her kid at parents home for a time. So after the kid left, here he could help himself to play with her body some more, she was unique in special, after he was done play with again.
He needs to go back to business again. Thou he enjoy her to much. Maybe he'll borrow her body again soon. But that is for later.

Toys are fun.

Tony wanted a second chance in life.

He was very rich successful and in his late 60's.
Emma was a thirty-something, single woman who was working as cleaning lady and broke.
She hates to do this, she was just getting by, and then she needed money to get a new car. Unfortunately, she couldn't get a used one.
So, she asked for a private loan.
But gave her a offer. That was unusual. That if he took a sample of her DNA make a copy of her. SO he could live anew.
Emma asked why, why her.
Tony believe that he was miss something in his life. Thou felt that he miss much. If she agrees, she will have a small fortune, a nice place to live, a car. But she has to agree to this and signed a special agreement not to tell.
Tony said that there a small change in the DNA so it won't be exact. So Emma agree to it a few days later there two Emma's sorta.
The real Emma left to her new home. The new Emma, Tony or Tanya prepared for her new life, she dressed different than the real, looked like her too. Tony err Tanya had everything that was needed. But she needed to release her new sexual tension. So she bought a few dildos to release it. Maybe she play with a nice man. To experiment with but that will another time.

Friday, 20 May 2022

Miley Cyrus: requested by Anonymous


Until two weeks ago 72 year old William was in an old folks home.

He was an angry and unpleasant man to be around.

He was constantly complaining about everything and everybody.

He felt like his generation lost out on a lot of freedom people took for granted.

But after waking up in the young female body of Miley Cyrus.

His outlook and attitude on life changed.

Yes he was not happy being a woman but he was happy being young and healthy.

He quickly discovered the world was not such a closed place for women as it when he was a young man.

He quickly discovered the power his female body had over men and just wearing a pretty dress and a nice smile could get him anything.

He quickly discovered the joys of female masturbation & the joys of multiple orgasms.

Which opened his eyes, heart and legs to a whole new world of sex.


It's bigger than my original one!

Bully part 2: requested by Anonymous


After 17 days in her gorgeous body

Doing all sorts of crazy and disgusting things.

She managed to reject his control over her and throw him out of her mind.

Annoyed by this he floated around the house looking for his next victim.

Three-and-a-half days after being rejected he spotted her.

She had just returned home from a business trip.

He floated over to her and pressed his spirit into her.

Her body accepted him straight away.

He could not believe how much easier it was to take control of her.

Within 5 minutes of taking over her body he had her body doing what he wanted.

He pulled her tits out of the top of her dress and said to the kids I AM BACK!

He was surprised for a woman of her age how horny and sexually turned on her body was.

He was surprised by how it influenced his mind.

He was surprised that the only thing he could think about now was sexual pleasure.

He was definitely going to have plenty of fun in this body and enjoyed flaunting it in front of her to amaze kids who just screen at him to leave their mother alone.

Thursday, 19 May 2022

Bully part 1: requested by Anonymous


In life Danny was a bully.

He took great pleasure in making other people's lives a nightmare.

His body was found in a ditch one day.

Nobody knew how he had died but.

His spirit was unable to rest due to the fact that nobody moaned his passing.

So he decided to come back and cause more misery and mayhem.

The first person he took over was 22 year-old Bethany.

She was a young beautiful bubbly girl and the sister of his favourite target to 15 year old Tony.

It took him some time to work out how to take over her body.

It took him sometime after taking over her body to work out how to use.

The first thing he did the minute he had control over her body was to see what she was working with.

He took great pleasure in taking her tits out.

He took great pleasure in feeling his first real breasts.

They were very soft and sensitive.

They made her body tingle in a delightful way.

They made her pussy wet with anticipation.

He quickly strip the rest of her clothes off and explored that hidden pleasure between her legs.

It was more sensitive and turn on then he never felt anything in his life.

Despite having no previous experience with one he discovered after quite a lot of playing around what it liked.

After half an hour of fingering it he decided to see what this girl had any toys.

He found a beautiful dildo and a bottle of lube which kept him occupied for the next 7 hours until Anthony got home and found him masturbating.

He took a lot of pleasure between moans of ecstasy to tell Anthony who he was and why he had returned.

He told him if he told anybody who he was and what he was doing you would make sure his sister when she got her body back she would not want it.

Anthony agreed to keep his mouth shut and was just about to leave the room when his bully said where do you think you're going?

You are going to watch me do it to her.

Anthony had no choice but to sit down and watch this person doing unspeakable things to his sister's body until their mother got home from her business trip.