Sunday, 29 January 2023

I need to know more: requested by Anonymous


The aliens visiting Earth could not understand the two different sexes.

There species was hermaphrodites and did not need a partner to reproduce.

To better understand the differences between both genders they decided to kidnap and man and a woman.

They decided to start off with the woman.

After scanning her body and her mind they transformed one of their own into her.

At first the alien was overwhelmed by the female body.

It was so different from anything they now.

It was so full of strange energy and desires.

Using her memories it went back to her home and took over her life.

The longer it spent in this strange body the more it wanted to explore it.

The more it
explore the more it found fascinating.

It discovered that touching certain parts of the female body made it feel the GOOD!.

He did his best to ignore them but her memories started flooding back and it found itself in the strange position of being turned on.

Using her memories it discovered how to satisfy its new strange cravings.

It was not prepared for the incredible sensation and joy it got playing with her vagina.

It was a form of pleasure it had never felt before and it quickly overwhelmed it.

That night when their leader got in touch and ask for a status report it just replied I need more time to study it.

Brie Larson: requested by Josef Zápotocky

Originally it was just supposed to be a two-week mission in her body.

Josef's mission was to find out who was stalking Brie Larson and arrest him.

His mission was a great success.

In just two weeks he had her stalker under arrest.

When it came to swap back into his own body he was surprised and secretly delighted that she did not want to change back.

She had had a wonderful time of the man and wanted to say a man.

As in the short time he had spent in her body hehad discovered such delight that excited confused and overwhelmed his male mind.

Just taking a shower in her body send his sex drive through the roof.

He reluctantly agreed and accepted a small settlement to swap with her permanently.

It was only 4 days after legally taking over her body he quit the police force and took on her career instead.

Saturday, 28 January 2023

By Rhodry: (GS7)

Let's see what they've given you.

Thomas couldn't believe this now, how this get this bad.

Thomas was one of those kids, that believes, he has the right to do anything he wants to, but the last stunt was the last one.
Now he is in special academy. For people like him. kids who have the Intelledge, talent but never wanted to do anything.
When he was sent, here it was barely a day, and he got in trouble. Okay, here since you want play with the girls, here and want to get into skirts or should say, there panties. That you should wear them. He looked at them and said, no freaking, I'm not put them on, no freaking way.
Before he could finish it. The headmistress eyes glowed. And clothes started moved like water. And it formed on to Thomas, and it firm, like wore it. And his other clothes was on the floor on a pile. What F---ling, F---ling, why can't. why can't say it.
Well, I make some change, if you don't behave, you'll be one for the rest of your life. Well can't make me, wear these stupid clothes, since when do girl still wear these uniforms?
You do here, and you will behave or else. Or else what Thomas when out, the office. You might me, dress like this. Don't be too sure. As Thomas when to the boy's room. Which accidently entered the girl's room. Two of the other girls that in this place was there.
Well, well, another one that joins, the sisterhood. What I did not join the sisterhood. Yes, you did by being yourself now, what's your name now girlie.
It's, it's Thomas, he said. No, it's not, you don't look like a Thomas. What do you think now, I think, Tammy, or Tara should fit you now. Now wait a minute, I'm not go to change my name for you. Well tough, that what you are now/ Lets see underneath your shirt err blouse. Before Thomas, refuse, they pulled out her blouse to expose, his/her breasts.
Oh my the headmistress does good work.
Now get his/her bra off, and her skirt too, I want to see, if she has a bump in her panties.
You're going enjoy being part of sisterhood like us. I'm not, I'm not a gir--, I'm a fema--, oh, oh, don't, don't do this. I'm not a ----.

Peter was lucky, very lucky.
Unlike allot of people who suddenly switched or shifted, they were either a several miles or more or across the sea or two.
She also shifted into him, and he shifted into her. And wasn't unhappy either, but most of her clothes barely covered almost 35 or 40, 45 percent of her new body. And he/she need to find something more what she wearing, its okay, if a causal day on the park or beach maybe. But Peters job, he/she need to find something less beach wear and or more office.
There were several problems with that, one was the stores weren't open yet. Two he/she wasn't that comfortable. With what he/she is wearing, so he/she figured out a way to by wearing a plaid shirt, when he was still a he was a bit loose. Now he/she was more a oversized shirt or dress depending on who talk to.
When he/she got to the place wear he/she work. They still a surprise that Peter is a pretty young woman. When he/she got there and was wearing a plaid shirt what was underneath it. His/her boss was wondering why he/she wear his/her causal clothes. And said to removed it. Peter said that I don't think you'll want to see what have on. Just remover it, and I'll be the judge of it. Okay, I warned you. As he/she removed it. And showed what. He/she was wearing a tubed top, a pair of yellow boy-style shorts and a pair sandals.
What, what he you are wearing, he demanded. Well, I told you I wasn't ready or prepared, so I to wear what was available. And come on, he/she said. This will not do, I you to go the store and get to some proper clothes. Like what, he/she said.
I expect to dress like every girl in the office, a skirt, a blouse, a dress, high heels, nylon hosiery. So, Peter, I want to go to the store and get some proper clothes. BUT I know, what get, he/she said. Okay, get one girls to help you.

Sam always believes that he would popular or famous, to put it simply his name would be known. So Sam went to a Gypsy's fortuneteller, he going to be famous and popular. I might help, but there is a price to pay for it. Sam asked what it is. Then she had two things in her hands. One was strange thin glass with bluish liquid and a clear crystal in the other. '
She placed them in front of him. If you drink this liquid, it will change everything. You have it. And more but like I said. There is a cost.
What money, he said. No not money, but something that you might hold dear to, she said. What he asked again. No your manhood, what makes you a male, she said. You mean you want to cut off manhood, he said. No, nothing so crude, she said. Just said that you be famous and popular and have money too.
He looked at it. For a moment, even picked it up, and stared at it. And thought about it. I don't know, but I felt that I should be the one, popular and famous. Then he drank it, in that moment Sam started to change, shift. there sorta mist or glow or something. As the mist and glow faded. Sam was sitting a sorta dressing room. Then he saw himself, well that's not quite right, Sam was now a girl, a female, a woman, oh, oh my goodish, I, I look pretty no beautiful. Sam was dressing in sorta an outfit or costume, of some sort, and he had a tingling, between his legs, and he slightly large breasts. Starla your up next, a voice said. Then there was memories, imagines, sounds started to flood his/her mind. Then he/she when up out of the dressing room. And started to the stage. And to dance around the pole. Working to the beat of music, as he/she danced around pole do what she done. Many, many times. Then she pulled on her crop top to exposes her breast close to audience. Sam loved it, she loved that they slip bills in her belt. She is started adjust to her life a girl. she likes being a girl, she likes the idea, is frilly of it. Sam is now a girl, beautiful exotic dancer, with a high sexually need or desire for sex, and need to give private BJ to some customers who wanted to taste. Now Sam is famous and popular, with a high sexually desire too.
As then gypsy woman and strange person, who looks strangely like Starla, the gypsy woman gave her the strange crystal that was now. glowing a bluish glow. Here is your paid now, she said. I that you dear. Yes, soon I will be a guy that I should be, thou it cost me, a 1.5 millions dollar to it, I small price to paid. So I will him, I mean me, soon. ( note was it that Sam wanted to be famous and popular, Stancey/Starla wanted to be not to well know. So Sam is the new Starla, and I will a guy, I should be?)

Old Days

Old days- requested by Anonymous

I had a lot of problems getting this story to publish with the provided images.

Friday, 27 January 2023

Beach Patrol

Tony smiled as he walked down the beach towards the men who were sitting around a campfire drinking beer.

He was nervous and felt slightly ridiculous in his one-piece bathing suit that said Beach Patrol.

His inner voice reminded him to act like a woman and don't give away the fact that he used to be a man.

When he reach the men he said higher with a welcoming smile.

The men smiled and said we're not doing anything wrong are we?

Tony just smiled and said no but I thought you might enjoy a bit of female company.

He said in his playlist tone my name is Tiffany.

One of the men offered him a beer and pointed to a chair near the fire.

Tony sat down tips on the beer and said to the man I hope I'm not being too forward but I do like having sex alfresco.

One of the men looked at him and spat out his beer in surprise.

another one just looked at him and said really?

Tony just smiled and said the only question is which one of you wants to go first?

After making out with the 6 young men on the beach Tony felt disgusted with himself.

Not just because he's giving into his libido and his sexual advertised and had made love all of them but because in the morning all of them would be horny women like it. 

I guess I better get used to it.

Even though 19 year-old Jeremy had been in this body for almost a week and a half now he could not stop himself from checking to see if his dick have come back yet.

Yet again when he checked down his panties he was disappointed to find nothing where his dick and balls should have been.

He had no choice but to accept that they were gone forever and he would always have a perfect little pussy between his legs.


Thursday, 26 January 2023

Let's see what they've given you.

Thomas did not believe things could get any worse than they already had.

His parents had sent into St Mungo's school for badly behaved boys after he got expelled from school for burning down the gymnasium.

He was turned into a horny teenage girl and was made to wear an appropriate school uniform which turned on all the male teachers.

Now after a day of avoiding their wondering hands and eyes he found himself being bullied by two boys who had been turned into teenage girls like him.

He did his best to fight them off but they were too strong and they overpowered him.

Before he knew it his blouse was ripped open and they were drooling over the nice pair of tits he now had.

 Look at them!

He's got the best tit's here!

Let's get him out of that bra!

You're going to love being a woma!

Wednesday, 25 January 2023

Sexual curiosity

Anthony was surprised when he suddenly found himself in the body of a young woman sitting on the toilet taking a pee.

He was surprised by how incredibly it felt and how it made her body tingle.

After the pee had stopped flowing he grabbed a handful of toilet roll and wiped her pussy flaps.

He was surprised by how pleasurable it was.

He dropped the toilet tissue in surprise of the sheer intensity of pleasure he had just felt.

Wanting to feel more of that exquisite pleasure.

He put one of his now dainty feminine hands between his legs stroking the hot warm wet pussy he had.

After 25 minutes of rubbing he came for the first time as a woman.

He walked out the bathroom on legs that felt like jelly.

He was in a nice apartment and he was not alone.

He found a naked middle-aged man standing in front of a mirror and saying LOOK AT THAT BIG DICK!

It turned out inside that male body was a woman.

They immediately felt a sexual energy between each other.

They guess before this had happened these two were lovers.

Nervously at first they started helping each other explore their new gender.

Before they knew it they were rolling around in bed together and fucking like two horny teenagers.

They were no longer concerned or worried about how this has happened and oblivious the chaos going on outside that apartment.