Friday, 25 September 2020

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Thursday, 24 September 2020

Are you up for it?

Simon's first trip in first class was not going as he thought it would be.

Firstly the woman's body he had picked the night before to take over turned out to be one of the stewardesses not the passengers.

Secondly he was discovering that every man in first class who were on their own were hoping for a chance to join the mile-high club.

Thirdly by the way the body he was in was reacting to there advances this woman was definitely already a member.


New body new life new job.

Anthony's new workplace was not as comfortable or as well furnished as his last office but it was now in a central location for his client's to meet him whenever they needed him to help them relieve a little bit of stress during a busy day.

Wednesday, 23 September 2020

This is very important.

19-year old Jason who was now in the body of a 14 year-old girl thanks to the great shift regretted telling his mother about the stomach pains he had this morning.

As she sat him down in her room and gave him the talk all mothers give their daughters.

The talk about how the body he was now in was changing.

How this change was not to be scared of but to rejoice as he was becoming a woman which was a marvelous and wonderful thing.

Then she went on to explain to him the ins and outs of a female period and the differences between pads and tampons and how to use them.

Which just left him sit in their shocked and stunned by it all.


Don't you talk to me like that!

Fitness instructor Robert who was currently in his wife's body carrying there second child was just about to start class when some cocky guy said to him: are you sure it's safe for a chick in your condition to be doing this?

Robert who was feeling hormonal was not going to let a man talk to him like that.

He turned to the guy and said even in my current condition I am still fitter and healthier than you.

If you don't want to be part of my class I am sure I can find someone else to take OKAY!


Tuesday, 22 September 2020

It could have been a lot worse.

Michael had caught the fem virus 6 days ago from a girl he met in a bar and had a one night stand with who turned out to be a man who had not reported his condition and was going about have sex with every man he/she could in hope of turning back into a man.

Like many men before him who had caught this virus he was not sure what to do.

He went to his local STD clinic and reported what had happened to him.

He was shown to an examination room where he got undressed and put on a hospital gown.

A nurse came in and gave him the most thorough physically he had ever had in his life.

Apart from the femme virus he was a fit and healthy woman.

The nurse handed him a clipboard with a form to fill out.

He sat there on the examination table and read the form before signing it and giving the clinic permission to give him antiserum that would make him no longer infectious to men which meant there was no way of ever going back to being a man.


Not wanting to ruin it.

Michael and Rachel are good friends.

When the great shift put Michael into a woman's body and Rachel into a mans they discovered they had needs.

So if they did not have a partner when they needed one they could use one & other to work it out of their system.

It was just purely sex and nothing more.

It was just something they both needed.

They kept on telling one and other not wanting to admit it was now more than just that.

So they just went on pretending.

Whatever you say.

Scott now going by Stephanie had accidentally on purpose forgotten his sport skirt and blouse.

He thought he would be allowed to play in a pair of shorts and t-shirt like he used to.

So he was pretty annoyed when he was told that he would have to play in his underwear in front of the entire school as punishment for breaking the rules.

Monday, 21 September 2020

What a night to remember!

One minute the two incredibly horny teenagers were making out in the backseat of Arthurs Dads car after senior prom and then all of a sudden everything went a little bit freaky.

Arthur found himself staring at himself.

He had no idea why he felt an incredible weight hanging off his chest and a strange warm gooey wetness between his legs.

He said in a voice that he recognised as Angelica's what the hell is going on?

Angelica looked at him and said I think we have swapped bodies.

She reached over to her own body and stroked one of her own large breasts.

She felt an building pressure between her legs which turned out to be a hard-on.

Arthur practically purred when she played with the breasts hanging on his chest.

It was like somebody had sent a bolt of electricity through his body.
he said to Angelica fighting the urge to panic what should we do now?

Angelica looked at him and said want to finish off what we were doing before we switched bodies.

Arthur looked at her and said I'm in your body and you want to fuck me!

Angelica looked at him and said why not that's what you wanted to do to me and maybe it might just switch us back?

Arthur thought about it for a moment and then said lifting up the petticoats of the dress he was wearing and lying back there's a condom in my coat pocket & be gentle.

Nobody said anything about this!

Inmate 2766 23-year old Robert Williams who was serving a 40-year stretch for armed robbery in which he lost the use of his legs due to police fire jumped at the opportunity to lower his sentence by becoming a medical guinea pig.

He had no idea what this medical research program would entail.

The doctor's gave him several injections which put him out for several hours.

Whilst he was unconscious he was placed into a experimental DNA rejuvenator which was designed to help grow back lost limbs and repair damaged organs.

He awoke 10 minutes before the procedure had finished.

He started panicking.

He was inside a strange machine that was altering his body.

He screamed and started banging on the glass.

A robotic voice told him to calm down.

It told him there was nothing to worry about.

The procedure was a complete success.

The robotic arm stop spinning and wearing.

The robotic voice said procedure completed.

The machine opened.

A woman in a surgical outfit came over to him and said congratulations you're the first successful male to female gender reassignment.

Robert just stared at her and screamed what have you done to me as he tried to get out of the machine.

After being taken out of the machine and put into recovery the lady came back and explain to him originally they were just going to repair his spinal injuries but they really wanted to test out what the machine was capable of so they to go all out.

You are now 100% female.

You'll have a period and could get pregnant.

You can do everything a woman can do.