Tuesday, 27 September 2022

I hope I have just pissed myself!

1 minutes got was out his work sitting at his desk going over spreadsheets and the next he found himself in a heavily pregnant woman body standing in the middle of the street.

The phone in her hand started to my great auntie look down at it.

It was a national emergency message telling people to stay where they were if outside find shelter.

He looked around himself noticing other people panicking and thought to himself as he felt the panic rising in his body what do I do now.

He recognise where he was and knew it was only 3 blocks away from his office.

He started making his way towards it when he felt a terrible pain in his stomach & warm water started dripping down the inside of his legs.

He did not know it at the moment but the shock of it all had sent this woman's body into labour.

She did me a favour.

Alan knew the woman was hiding something when they agreed to swap on a temporary basis.

He knew the minute he landed in her body there was something wrong.

He did not know what it was until he was back in her apartment and he found a positive pregnancy test and the note.

He looked down at the pregnancy test and smile.

He read the note she had left him as well and smiles again.

It was simply an apology for doing this to him.

She wish him all the best.

She hope that one day he would forgive her for what she had done

Alan picked up her phone and wrote a text.

It simply said thank you and you have nothing to apologise about.

You have given me the greatest gift in life.

I have always wanted to be a woman but I could never afford the full procedure.

If giving birth to your baby is the price to be a woman for the rest of my life I gladly accept it.

Get in touch so we can make this official and you can be part of your baby's life with me.

He ended the text with a couple of kisses and sent it to his own phone hoping that she would get it.

Monday, 26 September 2022

You still like sucking on them!

Sandra wanted to get rid of her lying cheating and husband.

She knew if she divorced him he would leave her with next to nothing.

So she decided on an alternative course of action.

She had him his soul was placed inside one of her eggs.

His soul fertilise the eggs party to grow into a baby.

She called the cops and reported him missing.

3 days later his body was found in his car.

After the coroner's inquest and the funeral she was able to collect the life insurance policy.

9 months 24-hours after that she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.

She had considered giving up the baby for adoption.

But the minute she held her in her and she could not.

She knew as the baby group memories of who she used to be the start coming through she would remember she used to be a man and a husband.

She knew she would one day recognise her mother as her ex-wife.

She decided she will cross that bridge when it came to it and for the moment she was just going to enjoy being a mother.

I don't want to experience that!

History student 19 year old Jeremy wanted to experience what life was like back in the 1950s for himself.

He decided to take a field study back to the past.

After locating a suitable genetic relation of his they played his consciousness in their body.

He was a passenger in somebody else's body watching the world through their eyes leaving the world through their body and experienced in their lives with no control.

He was going to be inside the body of his grandmother Angela who was 25 years old at the time and was working as an aircraft mechanic.

He did not remember at the time but this was the moment she met her future husband his grandfather.

Which meant he got to see feel and experience things that would alter the way he looks at his grandparents for the rest of his life.


Sunday, 25 September 2022

who are you and what do you want? requested by Anonymous


Sandra has recently moved into the house with her teenage son.

From day one she knew there was something wrong with the place.

It made her skin fall and feel like you was always being watched.

She considered moving out when she could not afford too.

She awoke in the middle of the night to there was an old man at the end of her bed staring at her.

She screamed inflict on the bedside lamp.

The old man that had been standing at the end of her bed vanished the minute the light clicked on.

Her teenage son running to see what the problem.

She told him it was nothing she was having a bad dream.

She started to see the old man every single night as she went to bed.

She started to feel strange hands touching her body as you lay in bed.

She started hearing a creepy voice in her head laughing at her.

She felt like she was going mad.

When she opened her eyes this morning she knew she had gone bad

She had no control over her body.

There was a voice of an old man inside her head telling her to stay calm.

He told her as she found herself playing with herself that she had a lovely body and that he was going to enjoy it.

She tried to stop herself from doing what she was doing but could not.

She knew it she had reached up and grabbed her breasts.

The voice inside a headset they're not bad for your age.

She tried to fight whatever had control of her body but found it was impossible.

To her horror turn off lying on the floor spreading her legs and sticking her fingers deep into her dripping wet pussy.

The voice inside a head told you to stop fighting and just lie back and enjoy it.

The voice inside of her headset bloody hell that's incredible.

The price of Silence: requested by Anonymous


Jamal new straight away that this was not his step-sister

He did not at anything like his step-sister.

She did not talk anything like his step-sister.

She acted and taught like a dirty old man who was trying to pretend to be on woman.

He decided to confront whoever was inside his stepsisters body

He found whoever was inside her body outside stripping off ready to jump into the pool.

He coughed loudly to let whoever was inside her body know he was there.

He told whoever was inside her body that he knew they were swapper.

He demanded to know why they had dot come forward and reported their swap.

He was surprised when the person who was in his step sister's body just left and said honestly man if you found yourself in a sexy young woman's body are you boys report that your a convicted criminal and be sent back to prison as continue to strip off in front of him.

The man inside his sister's body feeling some sexual tension between them two said can't we make a deal to keep this between you and me?

Jamal already had stayed at his naked stepsisters body and said okay but if she turns up I'm going to pretend I know nothing about you as he dropped his shorts and boxer shorts and told the guy to spread them.

The guy already feeling sexually turned on from exploring this woman body all last night and this morning just complied.

He could not believe how incredible it feel to have a cock thrusting in and out of you.

He could not believe how much he moaned and whimpered and begged him to go deeper.

He could not believe how great it felt when he came inside of him.

He could not believe the wonderful orgasmic shops that raged through his body afterwards.

Jamal told him afterwards he wanted this blowjobs on a weekly basis to keep a secret.

Which the man was only too happy to do.

My new life: requested by Josef Zápotocky

Josef had no idea how he had gained the ability to turn himself into Sophie Turner.

He was scared to let anybody know what he could do.

He thought they would look him up in a lab and do tests.

So he used to his ability only when he was alone and nobody else could disturb them.

He used it to experience life as a woman.

What it would like to sit down to pee.

What it felt like to walk around with breasts bouncing on your chest.

What it felt like to have a vagina and to finger yourself.

After several weeks alone turning himself back and forward.

He decided to break the outside world.

Using her actual measurements off the internet e ordered himself clothing underwear shoes and makeup.

After plenty of practise he was able to apply makeup with some skills.

He got dressed in fancy lingerie high heels on a pretty dress.

He had it out for a night on the town.

He discovered looking like a famous person out in public was not an enjoyable thing.

People wanted his photograph and autograph reply to chatting up and even a couple try to grope his ass.

When the news broke and the video footage of him wandering around the small town and losing his temper with a few guys on the national news he thought it was only right that he got in touch with the real Sophie Turner.

He  send an email to her business account and told her his crazy story and attached a picture of himself holding up the newspaper.

By his email and got in touch with him.

They spoke over Skype and she could not believe how much he looked and sounded like her.

2 days later she sent a car for him.

She could not believe the woman in front of her had been a teenage boy even after seeing him transform.

She offered him a job as her personal assistant and standing.

She offered him somewhere to live and paid for him to be taught how to be her.

Was extremely happy with this and for once felt at Home in his transform body and never felt the urge to turn back.

Before he knew it he was walking talking and acting just like her.

She allowed him to have sexual intercourse with as many men as he liked as long as he made sure they were a bag over there heads so they did not know who they were sleeping with.

He loves sex from the female point of view and loves having a man between his legs.

He thought life could not get any better than this 6 weeks after moving in with her she asked him to be her surrogate

Which of course he was only too happy to do.

Because being pregnant & bringing a new life into the world was the greatest thing a woman could do.

He would have to be inseminated with her partner's sperm and her eggs.

We couldn't help ourselves!: requested by John


17-year old Patrick had no idea what I'm just happy.

1 minutes he was sat in front of his computer cock in his hand masturbating to a picture of his favourite teacher Mrs Thomas on her Facebook page and the next he found himself in her body.

He felt incredibly turned on and horny and her body.

He wondered if this was how she felt all the time or was this just his male mind reacting to being a woman.

He had just removed her eyebrows and was playing with the breasts he had stared at many times at school but a knock at the bedroom door disturbed him.

Mrs Thomas's teenage daughter with stud in the doorway staring at him.

He looked at her slightly red in the face and said it's not what it looks like.

He was surprised when her teenage daughter turned around and said let me guess you're a man in a woman's body.

Patrick stared at her and said how can you tell.

Mrs Thomas's teenage daughter just looked back at him and said my name is Alan and I am getting what happened to you happen to me.

I was at home pleasuring myself to the picture the waitress who had served be at Abby's today who I found on Facebook and just at the point I shot my load all over my hand I was here in her body.

The two men sat together talking discussing things.

Both men are green that they did not know how long this was going to last day might as well enjoy themselves.

Patrick being the older woman took the lead.

He pulled off the soft white cotton t-shirt and was wearing revealing his beautiful breasts underneath a nude coloured bra.

The two men just stared at each other before kissing and grabbing hold of each other's beautiful breasts.

 They were both shocked and surprised by how great it felt.

 They slowly stripped each other naked enjoying each other's bodies.

They could not believe how quickly their nipples got hard and their pussies got wet.

Patrick decided to go down on Alan first.

He wanted to taste his sweet young pussy.

Alan just let him do what he wanted to do.

Alan lay there moaning and squealing with pleasure with every lick of his tongue and flick of his finger.

Alan could not believe how incredible it was.

After 26 minutes his toes curl and his body spasmed as he came out for the first time as a woman.

Alan was only too happy to return the favour to Patrick and let him experience such a great pleasure.

Patrick lay on his back in the west Alan had left and opened his legs.

He could not wait to feel a female pleasure.

He felt Alan's tongue gently caressing the lips of his pussy.

It's sent a shot made from his body.

Alan's tongue found his class started teasing it.

Which sent Patrick's body into spasms of pleasure.

After 30 minutes his toes curl and his body spasmed as he came for the first time as a woman.

They were both still lying on the bed when the bedroom door opened and former body's stormed in.

They sat up and stayed up there for my body's.

The two women now men shouted at the two men that were now women what the hell are you doing to our bodies.

Before adding don't you know where mother and daughter and this is incest.

Alan and Patrick's stayed back at them and said sorry we could not help ourselves.

Mrs Thomas made both men put on bathrobes and follow her downstairs.

They are sat in the living room together waiting for the next news bulletin.

3 hours 25 minutes after the event of taken place everybody found out that it was irreversible.

Which made Mrs Thomas and her daughter Melanie very upset but Alan and Patrick very happy.