Saturday, 28 November 2020

Addams Part 4

Ryan was enjoying his time as Wednesday Addams more and more to the point where he secretly hoped he would stay in her body as he enjoyed having youth again.

Ryan particularly enjoyed the nighttime as her as he would stay up and mess around outside the house, while standing next to the gate one night Ryan saw a small boy waving at him, Ryan shyly waved back at the child who he did not recognise but by the way he was staring at him guessed that he had a crush on him.

Ryan remembered seeing him at the park, the next night Ryan saw the boy again at the same spot but this time the boy went towards the gate and said to Ryan “You’re not from this world are you?”

Ryan didn’t know what the boy meant but asked him “Hey you were looking at me in the park weren’t you?”

The boy then said that he would explain everything, he told Ryan that he was actually a girl called Jessica who would always come to this world that she and her mum created.

Ryan then said to Jessica that he was actually a guy trapped in this body and said to Jessica that he had found the tunnel that led him to this world, 

Jessica said that nobody was ever meant to find this world and told Ryan that  if he wants to leave all he had to do was go into the basement of the house and find the tunnel that would take him back to the real world, however she warned Ryan that should he go back to the real world he cannot return to this world again as only witches could constantly come back.

So Ryan decided to turn back to the house but before he went inside Jessica said that if Ryan chooses to stay she will make sure to help him live a fun life in this world, so Ryan turned around to Jessica and smiled saying that he won’t leave this world, Jessica was happy to hear that and said to Ryan see you tomorrow friend, Ryan said the same back to her and told Jessica to call him Wednesday from now on, he then went back inside to go to bed.

Either way we're doing it tonight!


Samuel who was still not comfortable with his new gender and sexuality sat on the bed looking at the gift his wife Mary who was taking it a lot better than he was had just given him.

He said to her what do you expect me to do with this?

She just looked at him and said it's been almost 3 months since the  great shift and we have not done it once!

I know you are as horny as I am  because I have heard you in the shower masturbating every morning.

So you can either strap it on and do me or I will strap it on do you!

Remember you are healthy and you will learn to love it.


Richard was hoping the doctor's had some good news for him.

He was hoping they had found out what had caused this to happen to him.

He hoped they knew how to reverse it.

But sadly they did not and he would have to now get you to being a woman in every sense of the word.

Electric shock therapy. By Rhodry

original story

How did these happen to me. Why did it happen to me. Hear I was in the early 21 century. Walking or jogging near and old building, I seen a few old buildings there. probably, abandon, or forgotten. Probably they'll either renovate or destroy it. Then before I realizes it and strange fog like mist appear in front of me. It looked a bit a electrical. Before I could stop . I enter it. And before I knew it. It was pitch black for who knows , a few seconds, a few minutes, longer I didn't know. Then vision cleared. I tried to move. I couldn't . It was like I was strap out. Or tied up.

Hello, hello is anybody there.
A few steps were heard and a two people step in the room.
Ah, good, your awake.
Why am I strap in this thing, why am I here. I said.
Is it obvious my dear, you mental breakdown, your parents sent you here to cure of your negative behaviors .
Why are you talking to me, I'm a idiot, and why do I sound funny.
You are a girl, my dear.
I am not, I a girl.
Then he show me , my face in a small mirror.
No, no, no I'm a girl, I said.
Now do you see, that your a girl.
No, I maybe in a girls body. But I'm a man. I been a man for sometime.
Do you know the year of today.
Oven course its 2020 about later early October.
Well you got the month right dear. As for the year its 1920. And are a girl. Your parents sent you here to cure of your suffrage believes . And turn you into a proper women of society. They be proud of!.
We start with low dosist and some electric shock should correct behaviour.
I not a girl. I don't belong here.
I tray in time.
As the treatment continue, she insist that she is not a girl.
After a few weeks she still claims , but not as much. Probably several months she be cured.
You think that it's true that she form the future.
Probably madness. A female mind can't be able understand such things.
He saw still strap in a jacket, in a female body. In time over 100 years. And wonder why!

We look super cute. By Rhodry

original story

They didn't like the idea of wearing these costumes, they didn't like the idea, do it for they brother 16th birthday party. But their mother convince to do it. Because they it don't several times for their birthdays. So they had get some realized costumes at a second hand store. They found these costumes that could fit anybody. And make them look realized character. But you can't not wear them for a long time. But they didn't listen. After a few hour, they seem to adjust more and more as the character. No there acting her they girls in a costumes. It seem to be more girls. Than pretending to girls in costume!

That's a little tight. By Rhodry

Somehow, someway I was in a young girl. In a hotel room. Stark naked on the floor. I noticed a towel next to me. I couldn't understand how or why it happen to me. Or this person. Before I could realized it. I remember who I was, but sorta remember, bits and pieces of things of her life. I'm not sure where I was, what part the country I was in, or if I'm in the same country. Then I remember who I am now sorta. Then I check the room for some clothes. For some reason she only bought , only skirts, blouses, dresses, more fancier lingerie, shoes, some jewelry , and makeup. No pants or jeans , what kind of girl. She err I was. I couldn't stay naked inside a motel room. I put on the lease girly clothes, she has, oh my then I decided to be more girly for some reason. I put some plain underwear, I pink top and a skirt. I think the skirt was a bit to tight. OR did she like her/my clothes like this. Either, I can find some flat shoes, or some sneakers to wear. I was examine myself. At first I didn't want to a girl, each hour, I became more used it. I wonder , if it was an accident or I was choice. I have figure out this out. Or at least find out who I am!

Taking it off by the easy. By Rhodry

I always to see my Math Teacher, I think nearly all the male students wanted to see her naked. She that type of girl she has both beauty and brains together. Even sometimes wear those tee-shirt and jeans to class. And she is still beauty looking. And some of girl students like her too. Because she treat the girls equally, help them understand the math. But that wasn't the reason, I could possession anybody. So I did to few girl weren't bright to begin with. But a grown up, a teacher was another thing. So I had to careful of it. Before, I entered her body, I put my only body out. Then I transfer into her. As I felt asleep. I woke in her body. She dressed casually in a tee-shirt and jeans, and flats. As I call my friend, to say it was done. A few minutes later. They arrived I enter the car. Lucky the street was empty no one was another. So removed her/my shirt off. Then I lower my bra of my breasts out of the cups. To exposes her/my breasts to my friends. They were drool at her/me. Will you stop drooling at me now. Take the pictures or do you want to touch my/her breast after a few minutes, I had readjust my/her breasts into her bra. And put on the shirt her. Before she/I woke up. And I needed get her into her house again.


Fashion: requested by Shadow. by By Rhodry

I was photographer of a fashion magazine of a fashion shoot. He loved his job. He was one of few non gay men. There, a assignment of the London Fashion Show. And I was need to be there. Part was excited about it, and another was more professional. I love the art, the energy of it. And I was being paid of it. Plus I can do some of my other hobbits. I like to dress up. From time to time. I could pass well enough. But not in there league. I was passable. I couldn't look that great. Even something happen , one of the models couldn't make it. So they need a replacement. And they asked me. I wonder why. We need a person who is passable enough. To like a model. After a while I told my assistant to do the work. And I was bough, to the backroom. Were all the makeup artists, stylists, dressers and others. Then a bracelet placed on me. A few hours later. I was on the walkway. Dozens flashes were going on in front of me, and side of me. I was both scare and trilled of it. After it was over, I was still dress as a girl. Not as pretty or gorgeous as before I was still dress as one. I looked at the bracelet and wonder. What should I do now!

It sounded quite crazy: requested by Anonymous. By Rhodry

He was a nerdy type of person. A person loves to created and develop ideas and devices, he like the idea of the technology that he or people can create it. But he hates the idea. Of not get the credit or the benefit of them. He belief he deserve it. Because of others got most of the credit and mostly. None of belief. So he secretly developed a device. And used it. On one of the people. He gave her a change, give him the proper rights to his inventions. She said no, said that you stay in their place. Before she realized it, a flash of light struck her. When she came too. She saw herself, kneeling to her. My, my dear you looked shocked. I gave you a change too, give me the proper befits. of my inventions. So I decided to take that right away from you. Don't try to used my invention on me. Because, its a prototype. I only know it's usually. Even if you, figure out in a few months or so it won't matter.

She at her body. And wonder why. If you try to tell it won't matter. I would developed something new or better!

Friday, 27 November 2020

Waking in her shoes.

Antony had voiced his opinions that if women wear clothes like that they want to be hit upon by men to the wrong woman.

She told him she was going to teach him a lesson that he would never forget.

She turned him into a beautiful young woman dressed in a skimpy outfit.

She told him to come back to her the next morning after he had experienced 24-hours as a woman.

She told him if he had learnt his lesson she would give him back his manhood.

At first Anthony was annoyed and angry with her.

He demanded she turned him back into a man right now.

She just pushed him out of the door and told him to go and have some fun.

Now 24-hours after being transformed into a woman Anthony was walking back down to her apartment with a whole new attitude.

He discovered once he got over the shock of it he quite enjoyed being a woman.

He discovered he quite enjoyed  his time like this.

He had discovered he enjoyed all the attention he had gotten.

He quite enjoyed all the free drinks he got all night.

He no longer saw what she had done to him as a punishment.

That's not to say he was not looking forward to being himself once again.

Little did he know that the woman who had done this to him had no intention of ever turning him back into a man as men with that sort of attitude deserved to be sluts.