Tuesday, 30 November 2021

That's disgusting.

Robert new Angela would be angry with him if She knew what he was doing with her body.

But he really wanted to get backstage to meet the band and her pretty tits were just a ticket or so he thought.




It started off as a one off.

Like a lot of young men Alan started taking the black market feminine pills for a bit of a laugh.

He had never thought about being a woman befor.

But all his friends were doing them.

So he thought he would give them a go.

He talk two pills the first time.

That would give him 48 hours as a woman.

He stayed at home and played with himself.

After 48 hours the pills wore off and he turned back into himself.

After that little taste of being a woman something changed inside of him.

He tried to ignore it at first but he desperately wanted to be a woman again.

So he bought some more of the pills.

He started taking larger and larger doses to stay longer as a woman.

The more time as a woman the more confident he got with himself.

He borrowed some of his ex-girlfriends clothes that she had not picked up yet and went out clubbing.

It was a completely different experience clubbing as a hot sexy woman.

The alcohol hit you faster.

The men would pinch your ass as you squeeze past them. 

The queue to the bathroom was twice as long.

He allowed himself to be picked up by a man and went back to his place for a crazy night of sex.

After that I opening experience he found he did not want to go back to being a man.

But the pills were expensive and he could not afford the high dosage he would need to take every week to keep him like this.

Out of desperation he turned to the oldest profession in the world for women.

He became a prostitute which gave him the money he needed for the pills and the sex he enjoyed.

Monday, 29 November 2021

Pleasure barge.

Scientist Tony and William were starting to understand the universe they now found themselves in was completely different to their own.

In this universe women ruled with an iron fist.

Men were the subjugated species.

Men were just a workforce in the minds and heavy industry of this world.

There were strict laws and rules separating men and women.

Which Tony and William were ignorant of when they arrived.

They broke this laws within 2 minutes of arriving in this universe.

They were quickly arrested and brought before a magistrate.

They tried to plead their case but were told men were not protected by the law.

They were found guilty of causing a public nuisance.

Being in a male restricted zone.

Talking to women without permission.

Not producing their identity cards when demanded.

Trying to defend themselves in court.

They were sentenced to genetic modification and penal servitude on a pleasure barge as comfort and relief and breeding stock for the men who worked in the heavy industry.


Not fun.

One minute 17-year old Daniel was at home having his dinner and the next he was in a female body upside down in a car.

Luckily he was uninjured and able to get out of the car.

He crawled out onto the asphalt and was greeted by a scene of chaos.

It did not take him long to work out that he was not the only one this had happened to.


Sunday, 28 November 2021

I am sure that shop was around here: requested by Shadow.

Shad always loves to visit his local charity shops at least once a week.

He was always amazed with the sort of clothes you could find there.

This made his crossdressing hobby more affordable.

This week he visited a charity shop he had never noticed before.

He guessed it must have just opened up.

Everything was so cheap he picked up quite a few items.

When he got home he went through his bags.

The first thing he tried on was a see-through lace dressing gown.

The minute the fabric touched his skin the strangest thing happened.

He found himself transformed into a beautiful woman with a nice pair of tits for a woman off her age.

After exploring this body for a good 2 hours he came to the conclusion that he was not hallucinating and had actually turned into a fully functioning woman.


He took off the item of clothing he was wearing and found he did not turn back to his old self but stayed as he was.

He pulled out a second item.

It was a little French maid costume.

He slipped it on and found himself transformed into a beautiful blonde haired woman he recognised from YouTube.

OMG I AM Kat Wonders!

He guess these clothes must have been in chanted or something.

after having a very sensual shower in her body he decided to see what the next item would turn him into.

He pulled out a little skirt and knee high socks.

He was not prepared for the shock of sexual energy.

This woman was so incredibly horny that he had no choice but to flop down on his couch & masturbate until he passed out with exhaustion.

When he came to the next morning he pulled off the skirt and knee high socks and pulled on a bathrobe and a pair of extremely stretchable pants.

The minute the clothes were on his body he felt dizzy he felt sick he felt extremely heavy.

When he looked over the body he now had he could see why.

He was now an extremely heavily pregnant woman who was not far off giving birth.

For some reason he found this body the most intoxicating.

He decided 24-hours like this would be a good experience for him.

He would be able to better understand women if he knew what they had to go through.

The first 3 days were easy he enjoyed being a pregnant woman despite the swollen ankles backache and the constant need to pee.

He loved the feeling of something growing inside of him.

He loved the way people reacted to him when he went to the shops for something to satisfy his cravings for jalapeno chocolate and pickle sandwiches.

The longer I stay the more I love it.

I know if I don't change soon I will become a mother.


Saturday, 27 November 2021

Having her at last: By Rhodry

William was barely 63 years old. When he died. He thought, that he had far too many years to live still.

Even thou it happen to him suddenly, he died, but he didn't die. He was a spirt, a ghost of sorts. What ever happen he hang around in the mortal world.
One of the other reasons, that he was in love with his neighbor, Rebecca a 41 something woman, he secretly was in loved with.
As he tried to figure out why, he died, why he stayed around on Earth. Then he decided to peak on Rebecca allot. When she was in the shower, when she was using some of her toys to give her an orgasm, he loved when she masturbating.
But what he doesn't like what wanted. TO have sex with Rebecca. Rebecca, like have sex with men that several years younger than she. Thou she is in her early 40-years. She could pass for her late twenties to early thirties.
William thought to enter one of her young men. So, he could have carnal sex with her.
But instead, enter Rebecca's latest plaything. William entered Rebecca instead. Within a few moments of so. He was in control of Rebecca. At that same moment William aka Rebecca, was having an orgasm. It was so freaking amazing. It was strange, complete strange to him, to have sex as a girl. He entered her body, he thought she should have her orgasm.
It was different, and amazing. Instead given sexual pleasure. William in Rebecca for day.
So, when he decided leave Rebecca body. He couldn't it was like his essence, his spirt was part of Rebecca now.
He should have be angry being struck in Rebecca's body. William felt like he was her, that being Rebecca wasn't so bad, it felt, normal, nature for to be her.
William, decided to call one. Of young guys she recent met, what to meet her again.
Hmm, who call, who to call. He said to herself. Thou I'm been a girl, for a short time, it felt so right. Maybe that I wanted her, yes, maybe I wanted to be her. So, I am her, but am I her, or am I, and her the same person. That join our spirts together.
I don't know, but going to have fun, lots of fun.

He's getting his: By Rhodry

Jason was notorious ladies' man.

He had some mysterious ways, to get the girl he wanted, and when he got into their knickers.
After a night or two, he left her. Then he would completely ignore them.
They were another notch in his proverbial belt.
But there was a girl, a woman that, seen to resist his charm. Which he couldn't believe that any girl would resist his charm.
But she did. He couldn't believe that any girl. That could resist him.
She told Jason, that he was good-looking but. She wasn't interesting in him.
He told her that any girl, he saw was interested in him.
She told him; he was sexist. Which he didn't believe her.
He believes they wanted him, for his manhood. And if I were a girl. He'll be more than will to do it.
In that moment. Jason's world change. He was unconscious for a day and night. When he woke up. He was a man know more. He was a woman, a beautiful young woman.
Then he saw her, she smiled at him err her.
Welcome, welcome to the sisterhood Justine.
What, what did you to me you, you bitch?
I turn you into your conquests, my dear. You will learn what it's like. To be one.
Even if you turned me into a girl. I'm my own person.
I'm an afraid not. My dear.
What does that mean, he said?
What it means, that you will be that type of girl that will be a tomboy. You want to dress pretty. Decided to dress and look pretty. You won't want go outside with wearing makeup or wearing wear sexy skirts, dresses, nylons, high heels.
So, he said. That won't change me.
I'm afraid not, my dear. I decided to alter you. So, you be man-crazy, and want to get into their pants and wants was their shorts. And each time you see their bulges. You'll want to jump them.
I'll, I'll tell them. He said.
No, no you won't. What I placed on you. You couldn't tell him or anyone. That you, a sexy beautiful, man-cray, penis hungry girl. Your new personally and intelligence are less than you are. But besides you and me, your subconscious will still know that.
And can't do a thing about it, my dear she smiled.
As she left the house, she dresses, sexy enough to troll for men, for the first time. In her new life.

Lucie Svěcená: By Rhodry

Josef was a talented swimmer, very talented swimmer. But he was never truthy picker. Because several reasons, the most of all because political correctness, that he wasn't poor enough, his believes, technically he was in the grey area. It was a shame such talent would be unknown, forgotten.

But fate, karma stepped in. Two strange men, met with Josef. They looked at him, studied him. And said yes, its incredible. With a few modifications. He be her double. He does look like her.
Like who, Josef asked.
Please come with us, your skills and talents are need.
They told that Lucie Svecena, need me. Lucie had a accident, she had two broken legs. And with advance technology it would be far to late to compete in the Olympics.
So you will take my place take for the next several weeks.
You'll don't have to take my place. But you'll never know that you had a change, a good chance to prove that your just as good. And I can help you if you do this.
Josef thought about this, its unfair, but he has a chance, a real chance to prove , that he could do it. That he could winning the gold. Even if he had to be someone else, it was a chances. He said yes, to it.
After he agreed, he was bought to a special facility, to alter Josef's genetic from male to female. After nearly a week Josef looked exactly like Lucie Svencena that, they could be twins. After another week of practice Josef swam exactly like Lucie. Josef was taut to speak and act just in case. Then several weeks later Josef was finally in the Olympics. Thou Josef was pretending to Lucie, he love the fact, technically it was him. He loved so much, he will to staying, a girl, but he doesn't want to be Lucie, he wants to learn it himself or herself. next time Lucie will have someone that could beat her.

I want to have my child: By Rhodry

They is that call even people like the shifters, wants children. But it was complicated. That they would be the father or the mother. So Alan decided to sperm bank several times. Plus he need, to find the right women. A person which would be the mother of his child.

It took him a few weeks later. And later found a woman. That right to bare his child. So change his form. To meet the future mother of his child.
He took the form of a young man. And met her, he wanted her to be the mother of his child.
She took, he was crazy, that he could anyone.
So he to prove that, he was crazy, he changed in front of her.
She so, so shocked and surprise that she had a heart attack and died there.
His planned didn't changed. So he taken her form.
He didn't realized that, the shocked would kill her.
He slowly stripped her clothes, put them on him.
Then he took her naked body. But in the trunk of her car.
Alan drove to a place in the countryside. He took her body so deep, than no one, will ever find it.
Alan when back to his place got his a fairs in order. Create account, for her and his future child.
He took her purse when to her apartment. Then he got herself impregnate by his own sperm. And created a cover story and plus her the form her, he took at money, plus the money, he gave herself as more than enough. SO a few weeks later moved to one of places that Alan own. She thought that the she being both the mother and father of her child, would complexed enough. So she kept to originally story. He been women about a dozens and dozens of times for several weeks or months. To a year or three. But Alan never, never been a pregnant.
Never mind being pregnant, and being both mother and father. It was totally odd itself. Plus he will be the mother of her child. Several months he could feel her child growing inside her. What a strange, wonderful feeling, it is.

Saving the past to save the future. By Rhodry

Temporal agent Phillip Martin was needed, but they didn't have time, to sent the standard way of time travel. Or give the proper tools send with him, and he was expert of the early 1930's to 1960's. To stop a temporal paradox, or to put it simply to create a alternate time line. So they had to transpose his conscious into a person that era. To temporarily be that person.

The good news/ bad news that person could be someone insignificant to allowed to be unnoticed that time period. When he was send to stop the disaster.
What worse to him, he was transposed into a body of woman. Which was worse, he hated to be transposed into a woman's body. Specially he was in the body of air stewardess, of that time. They had to be perfect, they look perfect, dress perfect, act correctly.
They always have look right. This was the problem, he always hated the fact that was in a woman's body. It always felt wrong, to him, it felt something was to tight, or it didn't fit right. But he looked perfect was a air stewardess. And he had pretend to be her. Plus find and stop the disaster. While acting perfect.
And he has barely one hour to do before they create alternated timeline.

Friday, 26 November 2021

Below stairs.

Anthony used to be the Lord of the manor.

He used to be the one in charge giving orders and telling everybody what to do especially his wife.

He used to be the one sleeping with the mates behind his wife's back thinking he would never get found out.

So he was shocked when his wife confronted him one day about his nocturnal visits to the servants quarters.

He told her it was none of her business and to keep her nose out if she knew what was good for her.

She did not like being spoken to like that by him.

So she decided to teach him a lesson he would never forget.

So using a bit of old witchcraft pass down to her from her grandmother she turned him into what he loveed the most a pretty maid in a short skirt who found it hard to keep her legs closed.



When Matthew suddenly found himself in this woman's body he thought he was a woman police officer.

It was only when he looked up and saw all the Japanese business men staring at him he started to worry.

He worked out she was a stripagram and they were expecting him to perform.


Thursday, 25 November 2021

Getting your man.

FBI agent Karl was not happy with the assignment he was just given.

It was a long-term undercover assignment as somebody else.

If that was not bad enough the person he was going to be was the wife of a notorious drug dealer and mafia boss.

After turning him into an exact copy of her they headed off to the grand Plaza Hotel.

An undercover agent made made sure to spill soup all over her dress as she had dinner with her husband in the hotel restaurant.

When she headed back upstairs to change her dress 2 agents grabbed her and put her under.

She would now be kept under until the mission was complete.

At the same time Karl was in her hotel suite changing into her clothes.

Karl looked at the skimpy underwear he had gotten out of her draw.

He said to Emma his handler this is not going to be comfy.

Emma looked at him and said the things girls have to do to look beautiful.

Karl just looked at her and said it's a pity the body morphing machine can only turn men into women and women into men!

Emma looked at him as he slipped on the bra and fastened it with the ease of somebody who now how to do it.

She said you know what you are doing sweet cheeks.

You're the first undercover man I've seen who can do that with out getting their knickers in a twist.

Karl  looked at Emma and said do you have to call me sweet cheeks?

Emma just looked at him and said you better get used to it

This mission is going to last quite a while and you know her husband loves to call her pet names like that especially during sex.

Karl slipped on the little skin-tight black dress before taking a deep breath and saying showtime.

He left the hotel room and headed down to the lobby where this woman's husband his target was waiting for her.

He got the measure of the man straight away as he stood next to him he grabbed his ass and whispered in his pretty ear you little minx you know that dress makes me hard.



17-year old Daniel got quite a lot of things from the Role exchanger.

He swapped genders with his mother.

He swapped ages with lady next door.

He swapped dress sense with a woman 3 doors down who was known to be a bit of a slapper.

He swapped sexual appetite with the dirty old man from down the street who was into the schoolgirl look.

He swapped his education with a 6-year old kid.

Which are combined inside of him a very unique and strange individual.


Wednesday, 24 November 2021

Having her at last: requested by Anonymous

62 year oldWilliam was angry when he died.

He did not think it was his time.

He refused to go towards the light and passover.

He decided to stay on earth and haunt his neighbour 41year old Rebecca who he was secretly in love with.

He loved watching her in the shower.

He loved watching her dress and undressed.

He loved watching her masturbating.

He did not enjoy watching her make love to several different young men a week.

One night he could take it no more.

He decided to try and take over the body of the young man she had just made love to.

He floated straight through his body and into hers.

He felt his spirit taking over hers.

Within seconds of being and inside her body he was in control.

This feels completely strange!

Her body is still turned on!

Her body still wants more!

Who am I to stop her from having what she want and what I have always dreamed of doing.

After a pleasurable 24-hours in her body he tried to leave

He found himself trapped inside her body.

He said to himself there are worse places to be.

He picked up her mobile and phoned one of her young men to see if he was up for fun.

Learning all about new people: requested by Shadow. (Part 2)

Part 1

I got so addicted to being a woman & a prostitute I decided to take it to the next step.

I decided to take over her for a whole entire day.

it was weird not going back to my own body after a night as her.

I awakened the next morning feeling sore and tight after a night of heavy pounding.

I climbed out of bed and tiptoed across the cold floor to the bathroom.

I looked at myself in the mirror.

I was a mess.

I had gone to bed with my makeup on.

I set down on the cold toilet seat and relieve myself.

I turned on the shower and when the water was good hot I climbed in.

This was my first time feeling the after effects of a night on the street.

The water felt incredible running down my body.

It took all my willpower not to finger myself there and then.

After showering rubed myself down with the tower taking great care of her breasts.

I could not believe how long it took to dry and style her hair.

I walked into her kitchen naked and made myself a strong black coffee.

I spent a good hour or two just going through her apartment looking at everything trying to work out what sort of woman she was.

I heard a phone ringing in the bedroom and headed back there.

The screen told me it was somebody call Tyrone.

I answered said hi.

A strong male voice answered back and said.

Get your pretty little ass ready Ashley I am picking you up in 10 minutes.

I went through her closet.

There was not much respectable clothing in there.

I pulled out a mini skirt & boob tube.

I went over to her dresser and pulled out a pair of panties that look like they were made out of string.

I slipped on the clothing in sat down in front of the mirror to do my makeup.

I did a half decent job.

I had had a lot of practice of late.

I slipped on a pair of high heels.

I grabbed her handbag and cellphone and waited by the door.

5-minutes later Tyrone had picked me up.

He drove me to a motel explaining on the way.

A businessman I had dealt with before was asking for me personally.

Even though I had already experienced sex as a woman hundreds of times by now.

I was still feeling slightly shy and nervous.

We pulled up outside a rundown looking motel.

Tyrone walk me across the car park to room 17.

I enter the room and a man said it was nice to see me again.

I undressed and sat on the bed.

He undressed and told me to get on all fours.

I looked over my shoulder and he slept on a condom before entering me.

He was a big strong powerful man and liked it rough.

I moaned, squealed and call him daddy whenever he wanted.

25 minutes of  furious pounding moaning and screaming he was almost done.

He slid out of me whipped off the condom and emptied himself all over my plump ass.

I made sure he was happy and satisfied with the service he had gotten before showering dressing and leaving.

I spent the next 24-hours after that working the corner for any john that needed my services.

I was so addicted to this life now I did not want to go back to my old one.

I knew if I stayed too long my body would die and I would be trapped forever.

As far as I was concerned this was the life I was meant to live.