Tuesday, 22 November 2022

You must resist!

Sgt Mahoney was on a covert mission.

He was arrested as he tried to leave the country.

He was taken straight away to the local army headquarters.

He was ordered to strip naked.

When he refused to do so the interrogated took great pleasure in ripped open his t-shirt.

This act of aggression was more frightening than any punch or blow the interrogator could have given him.

All sorts of terrifying scenarios of rape and abuse went through his head.

Even though they had trained him toresist interrogation like this as a woman he could not help feeling panic-stricken and terrified.

He was made to strip completely naked and stand in front of the interrogator.

They told him he was a US spy.

They told him they knew he was a man.

They told him his clever disguised would not save him.

They made him undergo a very uncomfortable internal examination.

The doctor that performed it said she is a woman.

The interrogator confronted him with there evidence.

According to there spy in the American government there was a top secret program where they turned men into women and sent them into foreign countries.

According to the evidence his name was Sgt Thomas Mahoney Born 15th of April 1974.

He gave him his cover name is covered date of birth and his cover story.

My name is Sarah Thomas.

I was born in Michigan on the 12th of September 1985.

I am a nurse for the world Health Organisation.

The reason for visiting your country was too make sure the inoculations at the refugee camp were underway.

For the next 4 days and 5 nights they went over this again and again.

He was not allowed to dress and he was given just a enough food and water.

He was starting to lose control of his mind.

6 days into his interrogation he was really missing his well trained and toned male body.

He was hungry cold and frightened and he just wanted to get it over with.

Something inside of him told him that he could not give in.

Something inside of him told him he could not let mem domineer him.

Something inside of him told him he was a strong independent woman.

After 25 days in captivity being questioned day and night he was released without charges after his embassy got involved.

He was flown back to the United States where he could deliver his report and his evidence on the underground secret bases he had been sent there to find.

He turned down the option of being turned back into a man before the end of his deployment time.

After what he had gone through at the hands of his interrogators he felt he had grown as a person and he needed to stay as a woman to be strong.


  1. Sgt. Mahoney was on secretly covert mission, this was so secret that he had to be transfigured into a woman physically and biologically, he was basically a man mentally and emotion, but with special training and education that he will react as a girl. Until prosses was reversed. So, a week later he errs she was sent to area that he/she need be.
    Thou he/she arrested as he/she tried leave the country, for unknown reason, after he/she arrested he/she was sent to the local military base.
    As he/she arrived to the military base. he/she was ordered strip naked.
    When he/she was told strip he/she refused, but the interrogator looks at him/her he gripped his/her tee shirt and ripped it open to expose his/her brassiere and upper body. Now take off your pants or I will remove them. So, Mahoney quickly removed his/her pants off. And his/her shoes too. He/she was ordered to remove his/his lingerie and socks. He/she tried to cover his/her private part to the interrogator. He/she was asked his/her name Mahoney told him, his/she name was Sarah Thomas a impendent, health worker. a nurse of sorta, that she was born in Michigan in September 12, 1984. She contracted by the World Health Organization.
    Incorrect you are Thomas Mahoney a male born of April 1975 in Michigan. Well do I look like a guy here, she said. You stripped me naked and you claim, I'm a guy. I might a great disguise to fool you naked. Then she pulled a medical exam room, and he/she check out complete by all exams, i would be exams and showed as a girl. They ran the tests several times. Then Mahoney throwing a cell. Still stark naked, he/she asked to have some to wear. He/she told no, she naked in a cell. He/she given enough food and water to survive and that it. Then she was pulled out of her cell for interrogate several times a day, This kept going nearly 5days and 5night.
    But he/she would break or tell them anything that who she as a nurse. Then Mahoney felt she was beginning to slip then she started mediating to keep her claim. And this processer was done, over and over nearly 4 weeks until they probably were mistaken. And she was release Mahoney when to embassy. And a week later Mahoney talk to her supervisor, of what she found.
    As her mission was over Mahoney was told, was she ready become himself again. Mahoney thought about the question, she said no, I'm to much of girl now, physically, biologically, even mental and emotion I'm Sarah more than Thomas. Yes, I'm still am Thomas that part of me will always be part of me. But I'm a woman, am I Sarah, that Sarah maybe. I don't know kind of I am, but I am one.