Thursday, 24 November 2022

Hiding from the law.

Jason was pretty happy with his new body.

It wasn't exactly what he would have picked for himself but it was better than the alternative offered to him.

He now had a new body a new identity a new job a new home and a new life.

He was just examining his gorgeous new body in front of the mirror when a the voice from the bedroom brought him back to reality.

It was this woman's husband trying to hurry him up.

He was not in any hurry to fulfil his wifely duties but he did not want to make him angry.

This woman's memories that is man had a short fuse.

The man sheltered more impatiently in this time:

Debbie what are you doing in there?

hurry up and get in bed I'm already hard.

he dropped his dressing gown on the floor.

he walked into the bedroom in his underwear.

he said in his sweets oven accented voice what's the goddamn hurry.

he slipped out of his bar and panties and slipped beneath the sheets.


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