Wednesday, 13 October 2021

Misfire: requested by Anonymous.

Marcus knew he had to get out of there.

He did not want to spend the rest of his life behind bars.

With the aid of a Voodoo witch doctor who was imprisoned for running a court.

His consciousness was sent into the body of the last person who had visited him.

So when he opened his eyes he expected to find himself in his step son's body.

So he was surprised and slightly taken aback to find himself in his ex-wife's.

He had completely forgotten she was the last person who had seen him not her son.

Ok this is right!

This isn't my stepson body!

This is Mary's body!

I would recognise those tits anywhere!

Oh how I have missed them!

This is going to take some getting used to.



  1. Marcus was imprisoned for a crime he didn't really to. But with all the evidences said different. He needed to find away out of here. So he found away out of here. A crazy ways out. By a mythically way out. He needed to imprint part of his essences into something special that was important to him.
    So the last person he thought was his son. But it wasn't it his wife instead. So he had to go with the plan. To transpose his self into the body. He to take over. And he needed isolation, he fake a fight to get into isolation for a week.
    He was sitting cross-legged for a day or so. He knew that his wife like his necklace, not because being special, and worth some money. She kept because its value the personal worth.
    And the second day. He woke in his place.
    Hmmm, I feel strange, I sound strange, nothing thing feels right.
    Then when my sense adjusted to this body. Then my feeling adjusted to my surroundings.
    I felt a pair of breasts, I couldn't feel my genitals. Then I saw myself. Or should say herself. I was my wife now. Was my freaking wife. I thought she would give it to my son. But kept it. Probably kept since the last she saw me.
    This why, I transpose into her, after a few more minutes, I started to search for a reason. Why she didn't really help me, because was part of the reason I was sent to prison.
    I knew that she could of done it, but she was that kind of person that, it was beneath her. She a type of person, that deserve the money and power. But hate do the work for it.
    She the cause, partly the cause of being in prison for life.
    At first I thought, it be my son, but he wouldn't try to even think such complex thought. My wife would do it and use people, to get what she wants.
    But now , I figure it better this way. He removed his necklace, his first thought was to threw it away in a lake, but no someone may find it. And she could escape.
    But he had a better idea. to put in a special case. And sealed.
    Then he started to explore Mary's body. Oh, how I miss the feel of this. Then he realized that he was getting excited of his new feminine body. Mary did you get greedy, and so bitchy. Did you actually love me, or did love the lifestyle, I could give you.
    And now did this to me, because, wanted more, wanted to stay married, and fool around. When you this shallow.
    This will take some time getting to being a girl. And need start planned. I wonder if Mary is still out of it in isolation. She probably there unware she me, and I'm her.

    1. thank you, I figure that being a real good one, is not being known, two you take something special that it won't be really noticed not right-away. Then there is the wife probably she did love him. But she loved the lifestyle, three if she stayed married sorta, she was play around, four he had a chance to discover how it happen, five he is her. Plus extra secret stash that his/her mate didn't know, plus he/she enjoy her live now. And she finds out revenge was colder than what she did to him.