Wednesday, 13 October 2021

Settling down: requested by Anonymous


Patrick had the ability to leave his body and go into somebody else's.

He mainly used it to take over some of his male neighbours and sleep with their wives.

One night he tried it the other way around and found he much preferred it being the woman.

He tried every woman in the neighborhood 3 or 4 times before he found the one he loved the most to be in.

Sandra was in her 40s big breasted and bubbly just the sort of woman he loved.

He loved being in her body so much that he decided to make it a permanent thing.

So he returned back to his body signed all his possessions over to her in the event of his death with a million-dollar life insurance policy

Then he returned to her body and got himself Knocked Up in her body making the swap permanent which caused his old body to die of a massive heart attack.


  1. Patrick had the ability to possess into another person. Party he to get information of stock trades, bitcoins, etc, etc. he amassed a small fortune and several different bank account. He lived in a middle-class neighborhood.
    Which was okay for him, and sometimes. He borrowed guys body for a few hours fool around with there wives, for few hours, or a sexual romp. He choice when he did it. Made sure he was careful. When he did it. And he did this for several years. But he decided to just for being curious, he decided to enter one the wives, just because he was curious, that he expenses was totally usually and different than having sex as a guy. Than having sex as a girl. First several times he was the one getting sexual pleasure. It was different almost pleasurable experience. Then he decided to be the one was given sexual pleasure and getting the sexual pleasure.
    Then there was Sandra lovely beautiful 40 something, big breasts woman. But her personality was sometimes cold, and indifferent at times. He done many things take a few hours here and there. he thought he gave them a bit spice in there lives.
    But Sandra different, he wanted her, really wanted her. He wanted her body, he wanted to be her.
    Patrick made plans, he decided, to be Sandra for ever but, he didn't feel right, if she survived as him. He slowly transferred in her name in special accounts. So he decided to do it and how. He transferred his funds to her new accounts. He made sure that Sandra didn't survive the transferred. Patrick sure that had a vital of his former life semen. And plan to do it right. To impregnate herself, with her former life. Sandra will have no idea that, there first child, the last bit of Sandra former life. If Sandra husband ask, it part of the will he left her. So it would be problem.
    Sandra husband knew after this child is born they want a couple more children by them. But Sandra knew this was her, as man and woman. But She'll never tell that. One comfortable several times. Why not its her and his too.