Thursday, 6 October 2022

I still want her.


Alan had asked Melanie the cute girl he had a crush on ever since puberty out several times over the years but each time she turned him down.

At first he just thought he was not her type and then he discovered her secret.

She was a lesbian.

He thought he would never get with her and then the strangest thing happened.

He woke up one morning in a strange house in a strange bed with a female body.

Like a lot of men finding themselves suddenly women he spent the first few hours playing with himself.

After masturbating with every phallic object he could find and coming several times he lay back and smiled.

Exhaust and lying in a puddle of pussy juices he flicked on the TV in the bedroom and caught an emergency broadcast.

It turned out he was not the only one this had happened to.

After claiming his identity and getting his life back in order he decided to see if Melanie was still Melanie.

To his delight he discovered she was still who she was.

She was unaffected by the great shift.

"After bumping into her several times by accident" he asked her out on a date and found she was quite agreeable this time.

He also found out she was quite domineering and put out on the first date.

So he found himself naked kneeling in front of her eating out her pussy like he had dreams about doing many times before.


  1. Request story: A divorced mother has her body taken by a elder taxi driver, unfortunately she was in that Magic taxi, urban legend that people keeps swapping bodies. The New "mom" learns everything from New Life, and months later cold impersonate the woman perfectly. "She" leaves her son with ex-husband and now had plenty time with this mature body.

    After changing bodies:

    Home alone Fun:

  2. thank you for taking the time to get in touch.
    I have added it to my list and I will work on them shortly.