Thursday, 6 October 2022

I am his mother now!: requested by Anonymous

Alan thought he was being smart blackmailing his neighbour Michael who he had discovered was a shapeshifter into impersonating his mother Michelle at his next school parents evening.

Alan did not know Michael had a crush on his mother .

Alan had no idea that Michael would use his opportunity to steal his mother's life permanently.

After the parents evening was over Michael made a show of turning back into himself and heading back home.

The next day whilst Alan was at school Michael turned himself into Michelle & abducted her while she was sunbathing in front of their pool.

For the time being he imprisoned Michelle in his basement.

He went back over to Michelle's house.

He changed into a pair of bikini bottoms and oversized t-shirt & decided he would enjoy because the other day he did not get any alone time with the body he loves so much.

It's even prettier than I imagined.


  1. I think the image is not working but terrific story. If you could, propose a continuation of this story? I would like to know what happened to the "impostor mom", living the true mother's life.