Friday, 23 September 2022

Next time ask me!


4 months ago Jeremy's wife decided to swap their bodies without his permission.

She faked his signature on the acceptance form to get the swap capsules that were DNA coded to her and her husband.

She was pregnant and being the main breadwinner in the family she could not take time off.

Jeremy was not to please when he found himself in his wife's body

Especially when she told him she was pregnant and he was going to be a Daddy.

Jeremy was not happy with what his wife and done.

He knew he could not report this as his wife in his body but end up in jail and he would be left in her to give birth to the baby anyway.

So he was stuck like this for the next two and a half years as his wife wanted him to breastfeed and be a stay-at-home mum too.

Lately things between the couple and started getting back on an even keel and they were even starting to show love for each other once again.

Jeremy discover to his surprise that displays his wife's body being pregnant it was so quite a sec.

So they started off simply date nights and getting to know each other now they were in each other's bodies.

Before long Jeremy discovered that he wanted sex a woman.

He currently discovered his wife in his body was quite good at pleasing her body.

It wasn't long before things between them were back to the way they were before she had done this to him.

This morning was Jeremy still in the bathroom getting ready to take a shower he felt extremely in the mood

He shouted through to his wife are you joining me?

Sandra in her husband's body did not need asking twice.

Jeremy dropped the towel and followed her into the shower.

Sandra had already got the water at temperature for both of them.

Sandra said to him I cannot believe how beautiful my body looks.

Jeremy just looked at her and said then why didn't you stay in it when you found out you were pregnant?

Sandra lent in and whispered in his ear you know why not as she gently stroked his pussies with the other hand.

Jeremy loved it when she did that and could not stop himself from letting out a little whimper of pleasure.

Sandra said as she was fingering him doesn't that make it all better?

Jeremy said:


Sandra could feel by the way Jeremy was vibrating on the end of her finger that he was there.

Jeremy left out one big moan of pleasure and Sandra felt him come.

Sandra said if you're not feeling too morning sick why don't you deal with this stiffy you have given me?

Jeremy did not like this bit as much but there married you up to now had always been 50/50.

So despite his big belly he slowly went down to his knees gently grabbed hold of the rock hard cock in front of him and started to suck on it until it exploded all over the back of his throat.

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