Friday, 23 September 2022

We love St Mungo's school!


Some of the boys who were sent to St Mungo's school for badly behaved boys were happy after their transformation to horny teenage girls.

It turned out the only reason they were acting up and breaking the law was because deep down inside they knew they should have been girls.

They were over the moon when they were issued with female uniforms.

They found it unbelievably liberating to wear bras and knickers.

They found it liberating to wear a skirt.

They were only too happy to help each other find that in a woman.

They were only too happy to help each other to find that special spot that made my kitten.

They loved being dominated by the male teacher.

They did whatever they were asked without question.

They were only too happy to sock his cock to show him how much they had be listening in oral sex class.

They were only too happy to take you in turns to bring him to the point of climax.

They were only too happy to let him finish himself all over them like good little school girls.


  1. It was said that most of the boys who misbehaved turned into girls. These three boys believed that they mean dressed up as girls. But it meant to be transfigured into actual girls. Which means that physically, biologically turned into girls. With some it a shock, surprise there turned girls. Sometimes. they do some psychologically conditionally to adjust to be girls. But strangely these three boys seem to feel comfortable as three girls.
    They seem to enjoy the feel of wearing skirts, of wearing blouses. Wearing girly underwear lingerie. The feel having breasts darting out of chest, the void between, there legs. The feel hosiery on their legs. They even like the feel of their hair on their bodies. It, it felt, natural, even normal to them. Some of more behaved boys are returned to being boys again after a time. But after the first week of being girls. They don't want to return to being boys again. They don't care that they stay girls forever. So, they had to figure a way to stay as girls. They are enjoying their new sexuality too much. THEY are starting to explore their new with each other. And probably with surprisal with boys. Which is a problem.
    There was this teacher a male teacher. Who was watching our three former boys. He seems to be curious about them. Was it possible that, these three are purposely acting on purpose. They seem to be overly interested of oral class. So, he decided to give the three girls a private lesion. They were all too willing learn hands on. They all got BJ's firsthand, then, two together, and finally three together. Then one of the girls got her cherry popped then other two got their cherries popped also.
    As all the three girls were laying on one of the beds. You, all of you don't want to return to being guys again. One the girls said no, I can say that we enjoy being a girl. We feel like it's natural for us. Well normal it's a temperate thing. After you graduate your returned to a more better people. But in some special cases that, I suggest you three stays as girls permanently would be a better option. SO, you have about 16 or 17 years to catch on being right. YES, PROFESSOR they all said together.