Thursday, 22 September 2022

Forbidden Fruit


Ever since catching the fem virus and becoming a young horny woman 19 year old Anthony who had refused to report his condition to the authorities had been going from town to town infecting men.

He would go to a new town every week when nobody knew him.

He would dress in a pretty dress and gate craft a local school prom, local Social dance or country club event.

He would stand there all alone looking shy and innocent and waiting for a boy to take the bait.

After a couple of dances where the boy always try to grab your ass they would leave together.

They would had to a nearby motel or hotel.

The boy always pay for the room.

Anthony would always play hard to get and be shy and innocent.

He would pretend he has never done this before.

This time he had managed to pick up one of the teachers Mr Michaels who was chaperoning the prom he had just gate-crashed.

He knew the teaching did not recognise him but in a school of students it was impossible to recognise them all.

He's sat on the edge of the bed and let Mr Michaels took sweet love to him.

Mr Michaels told him that he was a pretty girl & he will be gentle with him.

Anthony was already getting wet with anticipation and did not know how much longer he could keep up the act of the innocent girl.

Mr Michael started stripping off in front of him.

He opened his mouth wide and took Mr Michaels already hard cock in.

He pretended he did not want it but deep down did.

After a couple of minutes of sucking on his cock he left the potential drop and started to enjoy himself.

He looked Mr Michaels deep in the eyes as he sucks away.

Mr Michaels getting to the point of ejaculation and he squeezed his balls to stop him shooting his load.

He pulled the dripping wet cock out of his mouth.

He turned around and got on the bed and presented his dripping wet pussy to him.

He said a sweet and listen voice take me.

Mr Michaels easily slid his cock into him.

Anthony let out a strangled mole pleasure as he did.

There body's became one as Anthony was ridden by Mr Michaels.

Mr Michaels could not believe how much he was enjoying this this girl was not this week innocent thing she pretended to be.

She was definitely a diamond in the second know how to please a man.

It wasn't long before they were both completely naked and Mr Michaels found himself on his back with Antony sliding up and down his rock hard cock.

Anthony once again found Mr Michael's coming to the point of shooting his load.

Anthony slid off him and knelt on the floor & told Mr Michael's to empty himself all over her pretty little things.

Which of course he happily did.

That was last time Mr Michaels saw his cock.

It turned out the pretty young woman named Emma had picked up was a carrier of the fem virus and thanks to them not using protection he was now a woman himself which did not sit well with his wife.


  1. Anthony somehow got the fem virus. It was virus, which was general harmless, to most men. But about one out of thousand it affects them to more a androgynous or female appear and looks. BUT that ten percent get effected more. Like physical, biological transformation. To but simple they become women. They needed to keep a record and to see how bad or can other get the fem virus from a infected who were fully transfigured.
    BUT Anthony didn't think it was too serious, one he is a girl, a female, a young woman. For the longest time, Anthony stays as close to his/her former life a guy. So, she decided to be more a tomboy, for the longest time. But about the third or fourth month. Anthony decided to give in to her new feminine needs or desired. She even started to wear dresses, nylons and heels and makeup. Because he errs, she, was about 19 or nearly 20. But she had the that youthful face that she's mistaken for 16 or 15 years old. She decided to pretend to that she was alone, or her date left her. SO, there was plenty of hormones laden of boys who was looking for a quick BJ or two. So, Anthony was more than will do.
    After a couple more weeks or sneaking into another prom. This time it was her old school Anthony graduated a few years earlies. And thou she it was a few years and know one knows that she transformed into a girl. And she noticed a former teacher, Of her, he was looking at her. Not like a teacher, but adult was interesting younger girls that is technical adult. He asked me if i was a student, I told him that i was over 18 years old. Then he became very interested in me. SO a few hours later. We got a room, almost immediate, he pull out his manhood. So i gave him a BJ or two or three. But I wanted more, much more. I dreamed doing it to one of my teachers, a woman teacher, but that seems to be a long time ago. So my dreams of having sex with a teacher, so why not having sex with a male teacher. After several hours, carnal pleasure. I got dress and left the room. About a week later that teacher, Anthony had carnal sex was physical, biologically changed into a woman. HE called herself Emma now, Anthony changed her name to Allia. And was cured of the fem virus. But Allia still at time her libero was still high, its surprising that she didn't pregnant before 21. And what of Emma, is she still a teacher, and was she still married to her.