Thursday, 22 September 2022

Moans in the night.


18 year old Tommy was not looking forward to summer camp this year.

His mother and father had signed him up to swap learn how to be a better man to women.

He did not want to spend the next 6 weeks experiencing life as a woman.

He did not want to know what they've went through.

He did not want to experience a period.

He did not want to have to wear female clothes and doing his hair and makeup.

He did not want to have to fight off the teenage girls who went out in horny teenage boys bodies.

But that all changed when he landed in Sandra is what partner's body.

Her body was a soft warm and inviting.

He felt more playful and free.

He felt more sexually turned on and liberated.

He never imagined a woman would be so different.

As he walked off to his cabin he could not help feeling the cool ever piss Kurt is asked you doing and his breasts bouncing.

Once inside his cupboard he decided he would have a better look at the body but going to call home for the next 6 weeks.

He bent over and stared at his reflection in the mirror.

He could not help noticing her beautiful breasts and said they're not bad.

He struggled out of her clothes and underwear.

He wanted to get a better look at the bar he was in.

He could not believe the first breasts he could not believe the first breasts you really got to see what the ones now hanging off his chest were hanging off his chest.

He reached up and grabbed hold of them wincing as he discovered how sensitive are they worth.

He started gently stroking them and his nipples quickly got hard.

He can you put not believe how much sex when he squeezes them.

He felt the pussy between his legs getting wet.

He slid one hand down between his legs and with his index finger stroked the opening he now had.

He could not believe how wet warm and sticky it was.

He could not believe how inviting it felt.

He brought the finger up to his mouth and tasted his pussy juices.

Just he was about to sleep his finger deep inside himself the cabin door opened and his cabin mate entered.

He could tell from the look on his face the teenage boy inside the teenage girls body had come to the camp with the same mindset he had.

He said to the young man standing in the doorway with a sulky look on his face I felt the same way you do when I arrived here this morning but the minute I ran my with my finger across my pussy mind was changed.

The young man just looked at him not believing a word he was saying.

But that night the young man listening to Tommy moaning and screaming in the next bed over decided if you cannot beat them you might as well join them and that night everybody knew what was going on in Cabin 17


  1. Was Tommy was barely 18 years old. Technical adult, but still a more a child. He didn't like the fact. He was signed up for a summer program to learn to be a better man to women. He when on that he was 18 and adult. But if he was kept talking about it. And his parents said that if your adult, you shouldn't read it completely, and its six weeks in the wildness, many would love to spend some time in the woods.
    When he got there, he was sent to a special room for the program. He still thought it was a stupid idea for him to learn about girls or women. After an hour or so, he woke up. In his cabin was strange. But what considered more stranger, no shocking than he was no longer a he. He was she. Physically, biologically. A she, he was dressed as a teenage girl, he looked as a teenage girl. He sounded like one sorta. As his head was clearly up, there were thought, strange thought that wasn't his own. He was thinking clothes, and makeup, and hairstyles. He knew he never, ever cared about what go with what, what type of makeup to wear. Or how to wear his hair. It was irrating him intensely.
    He didn't to learn anything about being a girl second or third hand. Never mind first learning experiences either. about how to fend hormone laden boys as a girl. As he looked at his new feminine form. He was a bit degusted of what he was wearing a girl. He didn't mine cute girls wearing such short clothes, to show more of themselves, Tommy shorts and his tee-shirts had more covering than, what he was wearing.
    Then he saw a suit or two suit left next to his bed. He opened it, to find mostly shorts, miniskirts, a few dresses. A few low-heeled shoes. Some lingerie, some hosieries, like socks or something that similar to thigh-heels. Also, Jewlery, some hair accessories, makeup too. What kind of girl am I. She does have one pair of pants or normal shirts.
    When he looked at himself as a girl, with disgusted still. Then he wonderful what he looked like stark naked. He always wanted to know, what a girl looks naked, he never got the chances to see a girl naked. Technically it's not looking at another girl if your the girl. He took off his top like did hundreds of times before. Then he stared a bit and then he removed his short skirt. For severally minutes he was staring at himself in his/her lingerie and socks. And he/she thought to him/herself darnel I'm cute. Then he said to himself why did I think that. I'm a guy, a man. but I'm not right now. I'm a girl, a cute girl. I wonder what I look naked he thought. Then he slowly removed his/her lingerie and socks. And he stared at his/herself. And was curious about him/herself. He/she touched her breasts. It, it was surprisal wonderful. Then he/she decided to touch herself in a place she never thought she could do it. Now she placed her finger up her crotch. After a few minutes. She, she felt something which, she never felt as a guy. The sensation was, was different.
    When she finished exploring her feminine. Her roommate entered he was here for the same reason maybe. A few hours later her male roommate, decided to help Tommy explore her new feminine, when he told Tommy that he was a girl to see was its like to be a guy for the next few weeks as well. Tommy moaned and screamed of sexual pleasure. Tommy was going to wonder it what the next day, as she started to dress up or wear some her clothes. At first, she was embarrassed even looking at them, never mind wear them. As she decided to put on a pair lingerie and a pair of shorts, and a top. Then she put on a pair sock and a pair shoes. Then an arm was on her chest, and there was a kiss. So, what will do next. I don't know, I'm sure that I want to be a guy again. I know its the first few days as a girl. I just feel different. Tommy said.