Thursday, 24 March 2022

Escort surprise.

Simon ordered an escort to his hotel room. 

He was surprised and shocked when she turned up. 

He could not believe it was his best friend Anthony who had recently caught an STI and had turned into a woman because of it. 

He said to Anthony what are you doing. 

Anthony looks at him with a vacant stare and said what does it look like. 

This is totally the only way I can make money now. 

My wife has left me the house has been repossessed and my boss fired me because I could no longer do my job as a financial planner as I have the IQ level of a 6-year old & the sex drive of a nymphomaniac. 

Which is not what an employer is looking for. 

So are we going to do this or am I just wasting my time? 

Simon looked at him and said seeing you are here we might as well get down to it as he handed him a glass of wine put on some music and said dance for me.


  1. Simion order a escort for the even.
    He was surprised to see a woman who strangely looks sorta like someone he knew once.
    As he looked at her, he couldn't believe it, he couldn't believe it, it was his best friend Anthony.
    When he said her/his name, she mistaking? said yes.
    Okay come on when is the real girl. He said as he tweaked his breast a little.
    Hay, that hurt, she/he said.
    What else is real.
    As she/he raised her/his skirt, pulled his hair a bit.
    What, what happen , to you, he said to Anthony.
    One its not Anthony not anymore its Antoinette since I was transfigured by virus I was given. Thou it changed me physically, biologically, genetically a woman.
    So your a woman now, it doesn't mean a thing, your still one of the best businessmen in the field that I knew.
    As she removed her skirt, undid her blouse. She moving in pair of stilettoes, and she had pair nylon stocking attached to a garter belt, I could see her bra those breast were real oh there real. As she moving around taking a drink.
    Then she said why, you remember that virus, she said.
    Yes, I said.
    Well, it wasn't a ordinal virus it was tailed made, and it effect more than my body, my gender too.
    It altered my mind, my need for sex, especially men. oh I'll take a few girl at time.
    I couldn't think straight at time. It effects my work; I couldn't get personal with my wife. I lost my job. my wife. my home. Even my life, it seem that it was planned for me, to be here.
    As she finished she story, she started to dance to a tune in her mind.
    So, are going to do it. I'm get horny by the minute on.
    As I watched her there, I felt a bit sorry to him. But I was getting horny to. SO I grabbed her hand. I kissed her.
    And she kisses me too. And she grabbed my crotch too. Oh, oh my former friend is a horny escort girl. And don't care if, she does me or do her. Or give me a BJ. Which those moment ago, she is doing it to me.