Friday, 26 November 2021


When Matthew suddenly found himself in this woman's body he thought he was a woman police officer.

It was only when he looked up and saw all the Japanese business men staring at him he started to worry.

He worked out she was a stripagram and they were expecting him to perform.



  1. Matthew never felt right, it was hard to put into words. It was like he felt cheated in the ways of life. Each time he looked at girl. He felt it. Like he belongs there that here. It wasn't he hated girls. He was sorta jealous of them. He never, told anyone this, this when on to his twenties.
    Then he when into a strange curio shop, which had those odds and ends. Stuff you might find.
    Then Matthew picks up an odd looked ring. He like it, but it looked far to small he him to wear. As he tried to put it on, it fit him, like it was made for him. Then an there he bought then and there. As he put it on again, a script of strange symbols appeared. In that moment Matthew was in a glow of light.
    When the glow disappeared, he found himself was a woman, about the same age as him, he looked like he was dressed as a woman police office.
    But it looked wrong, the skirt way to short, he was wearing opera heels or spike heels. He was wearing allot of makeup.
    Then he realized it, it was more a costume than a uniform.
    But what more surprising to him, he was in front of several business men. She was a stripagram and they were expecting him to perform.
    Matthew stalled, for a minute or so. Then that ring, glowed a little and he to preform like she did dozen and times. Part Matthew nerves the other part Mattie was like she on auto drive. As she smiling to them, a part of him/her was saying to herself, please, please, make it quick.
    The other part of her said. This who you are now. You should read it said.