Friday, 26 November 2021

Below stairs.

Anthony used to be the Lord of the manor.

He used to be the one in charge giving orders and telling everybody what to do especially his wife.

He used to be the one sleeping with the mates behind his wife's back thinking he would never get found out.

So he was shocked when his wife confronted him one day about his nocturnal visits to the servants quarters.

He told her it was none of her business and to keep her nose out if she knew what was good for her.

She did not like being spoken to like that by him.

So she decided to teach him a lesson he would never forget.

So using a bit of old witchcraft pass down to her from her grandmother she turned him into what he loveed the most a pretty maid in a short skirt who found it hard to keep her legs closed.



  1. Anthony was the Lord of the Manor.
    He was used to given orders, being in charge of things. He aspect to be carry out. He even aspect his wife to listen to him.
    At times, then he is bored, or decided to play with one of the young maids in his service. Translation that he sleeping with one of them.
    His wife probably knew this, probably most the staff knew this. He said so what, I am the Lord of the Manor.
    And I will do as I desired, you are my wife. He said.
    Yes, I am your wife, and I am a member of old, powerful line. She said.
    Old and powerful line, he said.
    You are known more powerful, than a servant. Other you were born in an old family, your power comes from me, and if I choice to allow you too. When he said that.
    She wanted to say something. There things you don't understand.
    Ahh yes, the stories of your family's power. My father, and grandfather may believe it. But I don't.
    As he when to one of favorite plaything chambers.
    So, be it, she said. As the night as dark, so was the Manor. A single flame, in her private chamber. She opened her book. It was a special book. It looked bigger than she remembers it. She opened the book looked for what, she needed. She slowly disrobes herself. She looked the sigils, the words she needed. Spoked them aloud. She peered into the flames. She saw is mate. As she saw him finished playing with his maid. He left to his chambers.
    Perfect, she said. She spoke words that had known mean in the modern tongue.
    As he slept, was dream of the perfect one the perfect mate. And he swears he heard is wife in his dreams.
    As he woke up, and wasn't a he? Before he could say a thing. His wife appears in his chamber. I hope you slept. Well because your new duties as the new maid of the manor.
    I, I am not a maid, I, I am Lord of the Manor. He said?
    No, I am lord of manor. Well Lady of Manor, but you learn that soon, enough. Since you wish to enjoy the company of maids, you will be one.
    You, you cannot do, you do this I am--
    You are not, you are over-grown child that, was spoiled rotten, you use your power and authority as a weapon than a tool.
    You will stay as a maid, until I decided.
    Oh yes, since you enjoy getting in their knickers, I decided to you to feel what it's like get the mannish between your legs.
    Before you think you resist, that desire, you can't. Each night, will want to. The longer refuse the longer you want it. So, get dress in your uniform my dear.