Thursday, 25 November 2021

Getting your man.

FBI agent Karl was not happy with the assignment he was just given.

It was a long-term undercover assignment as somebody else.

If that was not bad enough the person he was going to be was the wife of a notorious drug dealer and mafia boss.

After turning him into an exact copy of her they headed off to the grand Plaza Hotel.

An undercover agent made made sure to spill soup all over her dress as she had dinner with her husband in the hotel restaurant.

When she headed back upstairs to change her dress 2 agents grabbed her and put her under.

She would now be kept under until the mission was complete.

At the same time Karl was in her hotel suite changing into her clothes.

Karl looked at the skimpy underwear he had gotten out of her draw.

He said to Emma his handler this is not going to be comfy.

Emma looked at him and said the things girls have to do to look beautiful.

Karl just looked at her and said it's a pity the body morphing machine can only turn men into women and women into men!

Emma looked at him as he slipped on the bra and fastened it with the ease of somebody who now how to do it.

She said you know what you are doing sweet cheeks.

You're the first undercover man I've seen who can do that with out getting their knickers in a twist.

Karl  looked at Emma and said do you have to call me sweet cheeks?

Emma just looked at him and said you better get used to it

This mission is going to last quite a while and you know her husband loves to call her pet names like that especially during sex.

Karl slipped on the little skin-tight black dress before taking a deep breath and saying showtime.

He left the hotel room and headed down to the lobby where this woman's husband his target was waiting for her.

He got the measure of the man straight away as he stood next to him he grabbed his ass and whispered in his pretty ear you little minx you know that dress makes me hard.



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