Saturday, 27 November 2021

Saving the past to save the future. By Rhodry

Temporal agent Phillip Martin was needed, but they didn't have time, to sent the standard way of time travel. Or give the proper tools send with him, and he was expert of the early 1930's to 1960's. To stop a temporal paradox, or to put it simply to create a alternate time line. So they had to transpose his conscious into a person that era. To temporarily be that person.

The good news/ bad news that person could be someone insignificant to allowed to be unnoticed that time period. When he was send to stop the disaster.
What worse to him, he was transposed into a body of woman. Which was worse, he hated to be transposed into a woman's body. Specially he was in the body of air stewardess, of that time. They had to be perfect, they look perfect, dress perfect, act correctly.
They always have look right. This was the problem, he always hated the fact that was in a woman's body. It always felt wrong, to him, it felt something was to tight, or it didn't fit right. But he looked perfect was a air stewardess. And he had pretend to be her. Plus find and stop the disaster. While acting perfect.
And he has barely one hour to do before they create alternated timeline.


  1. Bullies swaps bodies with a teen's girfriend and his sister.

    1. Jeff, Mark, Jack were not your typical bullies, they weren't the biggest, or strongest, or fastest. jeff was smart, not super-genius smart. He is highly gifted about few points of genius. The other two about average IQ. They follow him, because they enjoy the power, the respect they get.
      Enter John, as a genius about one of the ten smartest people in the world. His sister, and girlfriend they are highly smart, but compare to him not so. With another girlfriend. They created a memory transferring's device.
      So, Jeff and his crew, decided, borrow the device, but things didn't go as suspected, when they saw John's sister and girlfriends, still there. A momentary thunder storm, and surge power.
      Jeff, and his friends, disappear. Leaving John's sister and girlfriends still there.
      There was a momentary, glow in the air, and their eyes, were glowing too.
      Jeff and his friends, were in their bodies, they John's sister and girlfriends.
      They were actually in their bodies, trying to figure out, there next move.