Saturday, 27 November 2021

I want to have my child: By Rhodry

They is that call even people like the shifters, wants children. But it was complicated. That they would be the father or the mother. So Alan decided to sperm bank several times. Plus he need, to find the right women. A person which would be the mother of his child.

It took him a few weeks later. And later found a woman. That right to bare his child. So change his form. To meet the future mother of his child.
He took the form of a young man. And met her, he wanted her to be the mother of his child.
She took, he was crazy, that he could anyone.
So he to prove that, he was crazy, he changed in front of her.
She so, so shocked and surprise that she had a heart attack and died there.
His planned didn't changed. So he taken her form.
He didn't realized that, the shocked would kill her.
He slowly stripped her clothes, put them on him.
Then he took her naked body. But in the trunk of her car.
Alan drove to a place in the countryside. He took her body so deep, than no one, will ever find it.
Alan when back to his place got his a fairs in order. Create account, for her and his future child.
He took her purse when to her apartment. Then he got herself impregnate by his own sperm. And created a cover story and plus her the form her, he took at money, plus the money, he gave herself as more than enough. SO a few weeks later moved to one of places that Alan own. She thought that the she being both the mother and father of her child, would complexed enough. So she kept to originally story. He been women about a dozens and dozens of times for several weeks or months. To a year or three. But Alan never, never been a pregnant.
Never mind being pregnant, and being both mother and father. It was totally odd itself. Plus he will be the mother of her child. Several months he could feel her child growing inside her. What a strange, wonderful feeling, it is.


  1. A alien shapeshifter morphs into a single mother's body and then replace her.

    1. thank you for taking the time to get in touch.
      I have added it to my list and I will work on them shortly.