Wednesday, 24 November 2021

Having her at last: requested by Anonymous

62 year oldWilliam was angry when he died.

He did not think it was his time.

He refused to go towards the light and passover.

He decided to stay on earth and haunt his neighbour 41year old Rebecca who he was secretly in love with.

He loved watching her in the shower.

He loved watching her dress and undressed.

He loved watching her masturbating.

He did not enjoy watching her make love to several different young men a week.

One night he could take it no more.

He decided to try and take over the body of the young man she had just made love to.

He floated straight through his body and into hers.

He felt his spirit taking over hers.

Within seconds of being and inside her body he was in control.

This feels completely strange!

Her body is still turned on!

Her body still wants more!

Who am I to stop her from having what she want and what I have always dreamed of doing.

After a pleasurable 24-hours in her body he tried to leave

He found himself trapped inside her body.

He said to himself there are worse places to be.

He picked up her mobile and phoned one of her young men to see if he was up for fun.


  1. William was barely 63 years old. When he died. He thought, that he had far too many years to live still.
    Even thou it happen to him suddenly, he died, but he didn't die. He was a spirt, a ghost of sorts. What ever happen he hang around in the mortal world.
    One of the other reasons, that he was in love with his neighbor, Rebecca a 41 something woman, he secretly was in loved with.
    As he tried to figure out why, he died, why he stayed around on Earth. Then he decided to peak on Rebecca allot. When she was in the shower, when she was using some of her toys to give her an orgasm, he loved when she masturbating.
    But what he doesn't like what wanted. TO have sex with Rebecca. Rebecca, like have sex with men that several years younger than she. Thou she is in her early 40-years. She could pass for her late twenties to early thirties.
    William thought to enter one of her young men. So, he could have carnal sex with her.
    But instead, enter Rebecca's latest plaything. William entered Rebecca instead. Within a few moments of so. He was in control of Rebecca. At that same moment William aka Rebecca, was having an orgasm. It was so freaking amazing. It was strange, complete strange to him, to have sex as a girl. He entered her body, he thought she should have her orgasm.
    It was different, and amazing. Instead given sexual pleasure. William in Rebecca for day.
    So, when he decided leave Rebecca body. He couldn't it was like his essence, his spirt was part of Rebecca now.
    He should have be angry being struck in Rebecca's body. William felt like he was her, that being Rebecca wasn't so bad, it felt, normal, nature for to be her.
    William, decided to call one. Of young guys she recent met, what to meet her again.
    Hmm, who call, who to call. He said to herself. Thou I'm been a girl, for a short time, it felt so right. Maybe that I wanted her, yes, maybe I wanted to be her. So, I am her, but am I her, or am I, and her the same person. That join our spirts together.
    I don't know, but going to have fun, lots of fun.