Thursday, 25 November 2021


17-year old Daniel got quite a lot of things from the Role exchanger.

He swapped genders with his mother.

He swapped ages with lady next door.

He swapped dress sense with a woman 3 doors down who was known to be a bit of a slapper.

He swapped sexual appetite with the dirty old man from down the street who was into the schoolgirl look.

He swapped his education with a 6-year old kid.

Which are combined inside of him a very unique and strange individual.



  1. A evil shapeshifter, loves to mess with his teenager neighbor's life. As nobody was home, he invaded the teen's home, and had fun morphing into his older sister exactly copy body. When the boy arrived School he was shocked to see his sister naked and in a short time, the shapeshifter took the boy's mom form.

  2. Could you do a story about body swap? It's about two criminals in death row swaps bodies with two beautiful middle aged women, a single mother and her friend. The woman's son doesn't know what to do with two pervs in hers bodies, call the police but they wouldn't believe him or he could enjoy and have sex with the women.