Friday, 15 October 2021

Sweet Revenge: requested by Anonymous

International criminal Samuel was looking at years behind bars thanks to his wife ratting him out to the FBI.

So she could have the house the money and her lover without going through a messy divorce and dealing with his bad temper.

Samuel full of rage and anger at what she had done to him was willing to do anything to get revenge.

One night whilst asleep in his cell he was visited by the devil who offered him a deal.

40 years on Earth in his wife's body for his and her soul.

This was a no-brainer to him and he signed the Devil's contract.

The next morning he awoke in his wife's body back home whilst his wife awoke in his body without the ability to tell anybody who's she really was.

This is going to be interesting!

I never knew her body was so sexually turned on all the time!

I am definitely going to enjoy playing with this agen!


  1. Samuel was good, very good, at his career, was a international thief, he choice his theft very carefully. Only stuff that couldn't traced easy or quickly. Yes he was a shadow, mist, no one knew who he was. But he was married to a girl, thought she loved him. He thought she did. She loved the life style he gave her. It more than most could ever dream of. But because of his career. He was gone for days or weeks at a time.
    So she got tired of waiting and got a boyfriend. More of boy toy. And she found out her husband career was being a international thief. So she hatched a plan that get him caught land him into those special high security, which was impossible to get out off.
    She pretended to not no know how got caught. But he knew he couldn't prove it, but he knew.
    After a few weeks he was thinking, of way out. He knew there was a way out. But he didn't have time. Then a mysterious figure appeared. He wasn't a prisoner. That was for sure. He was dressed in a suit and tie and wore a bowler hat.
    He offered him a deal, a strange deal, he could get himself out, get revenge on his wife too. Samuel was weary of it. But he was good at his job. The contract states that he will live for 45 more years. As her, and that time, he will get his and her soul. And after that he will serve him as a female demon for a period of 200 years. After that he will be a free agent. Samuel knew that this is crazy. But everything tell him its real and true. So he signed.
    He asked when.
    The mysterious person said soon. By morning you will see.
    After he returned to his cell. He planned and planned and prepaid to find special secret stash. For emergency As the night felt. He slept, the next morning of woke up, back in his place again, then he was his wives imagine in the mirror. He thought for a moment it was her. But no he was her. He was in his wives body. If he was in her body, would she be in his body in that special prison.
    Yes she would, I don't think she could tell anyone if she could. Who would believe her anyway.
    As he slowly rose up. Then he checked on a few things, to be sure he was right. After spend nearly the day checking out his suspicions, he was right, he was freaking right. He didn't want to be right but he was. He turned me in.
    He gave her a comfortable life more than most. He even allowed her having a boy toy form time to time. But he never thought she would to this to him. She got to greed, and now she is paying the price. Samuel started thinking maybe this isn't too bad a deal. A have her beautiful body. And he play with her toys. Yes I think this might work out better. Maybe I'll retired or carefully pick out my career again.
    But I can think about that later. I'll start enjoying her err excuse me my body now. And maybe play with her new boy toy. He looked so simply gorgeous, and simple minded. Yes I have time to think that later.