Thursday, 14 October 2021

Lppks : requested by Anonymous

Tony the schools nastiest bully was not happy.

Michael the little pipsqueak he like to bully had embarrassed him in front of the school the other day when he fought back and gave him a bloody nose.

He decided to use the schools portable body swap machine to take over Michael's mother's body.

He waited until the next parent teacher evening to put his plan into action.

When Michael's mum went into the ladies to use the facilities he snuck in and attached the electrodes to her legs beneath the toilet stool.

He clicked the switch and immediately felt a terrible pain in his head.

A second later it had passed and he found himself sitting down on a toilet with knickers round his ankles and a wetness between his legs.

Ignoring all that he could see for the moment pulled up her knickers tights and headed out

He stuffed his body into a whole cupboard before heading to the gymnasium where the meeting was being held.

He decided to embarrass Michael in front of the entire School by getting her tits out in front of the entire assembly.

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