Monday, 27 September 2021

That makes it worth it.

16-year old William found himself in a woman's body.

After he had calm down and stop panicking he switched on the TV to see if there was anything on the news about this.

All he got was the emergency broadcast telling everybody to stay indoors.

For the next three days he did his best to stay calm and to respect this person's body.

He had not changed her clothes or had a shower or even opened his eyes whilst using the toilet despite his ever-growing curiosity.

But today that all changed when the TV switch from the emergency broadcast to a live broadcast.

A government spokesman explain to the nation what had happened.
a radiation belt had swept across the earth affecting the electromagnetic pulses of the human brain.

The side effects of these pulses wear that people's consciousness were swap from one body to another.

He went on to explain until the government could investigat it everybody who found themselves in somebody else's body would have to get used to being ine somebody else's body.

The broadcast ended with the government spokesman telling everybody to stay where they were and wait to be contacted by government agents.

After hearing the broadcast William decided it was time that he got comfortable in his female body.

The first thing he did was strip off her clothes and take a hot bath were he resisted the temptation to do more than just play with her breasts.

The second thing he did after drying off & getting the knots out of her tangled long hair was to stand completely naked in front of a mirror.

He found himself getting wet just looking at himself.

He flopped down onto his bed and started fumbling about with himself.

He was not to experience with the intricacies of a female body.
as a man he was still a virgin and the only naked women he had seen were on the internet.

But despite his handicap it did not take him long to discover her clitoris which made his body jump as he gently stroked it.

Jesus H Christ that's incredible!