Monday, 27 September 2021

Loving my new life.

Dennis used to be a high-flying investment banker.

He used to live in an expensive apartment.

He used to drive a fast car.

He used to make love to a different beautiful woman every night.
but that all changed when he had his body stolen by a prostitute by the name of Clare.

He was kicked out of his apartment with nothing but the clothes he was wearing and $250 for his service.

For most people this would have been a devastating blow but not for Dennis.

As he knew something that Clare did not know.

He was being investigated for insider trading.

He went through her little handbag which was full of condoms and wet wipes.

He found her purse with her driving licens.

He now knew where she lived.

He hopped into a taxi and headed over there.

He felt really uncomfortable for the first few days in her body
everything about being a woman was completely alien to him
he found himself finding it hard at first to adapt to the vagina between his legs.

He got annoyed at having to sit down to pee and having to wipe it.
he got annoyed with her big breasts which whenever they were not strapped down in a bra got in the way.

But over the space of 3 1/2 days his body and mind started to settle in together.

He found him some getting more and more comfortable with her body and its peculiarities.

He found himself getting more and more comfortable with his vagina which was crying out for attention all the time.

But despite his best efforts to satisfy its cravings by himself he found himself needing the touch of a man.

So he dressed himself in some of her fine clothes.

He put on some makeup as best he could with the help of a YouTube tutorial.

He slipped on a pair of high heels which felt like walking on stilts to him.

He was on his way down to the local bar to be picked up by somebody.

He was halfway there trying his best not to fall over on the high heels when an SUV pulled up and a rugged looking man called him over.

It turned out this man was one of her regular clients and wanted servicing.

Her body recognised him and was already getting wet with anticipation.

Before he knew what he was doing he had opened the car door
he slid into the passenger seat as ladylike as he could in the tight little black dress he was wearing.

They drove to a cheap motel where you rent the rooms by the hour.
Daniel was nervous and did not know what to expect.

He had never been on this side of the love making before.

But there was nothing to it.

Her body was relaxed and he fell quickly into the role of the submissive woman.

It was more incredible and mind-blowing than he could have ever imagined.

Even sucking the man off and swallowing his seed made his female body tingle with delight.

He decided after that day why give away what he could sell for good money.


  1. Dennis was once was a high-flying investment banker.
    He had a expensive penthouse. In the city. A weekend house in the coast. A sorta.
    He drove only the quickest, fastest cars.
    He went to best restaurants and clubs. Beautiful women wanted to be with him. Or to have sex with him.
    Or at times. Gets a prostitute or escort. Which he did several times a week.
    He thought, he got horny this time, he got this beautiful woman, know as Claire.
    What happen was both erotic, carnal, sensual night. So he thought. When he was doing her.
    She was doing him. What she done, to him was impossible. What happen the last erotic, carnal, session.
    For a moment, he felt like he doing himself as a girl and a guy. And so she too.
    The next morning he woke up. He strange, different. He felt things which he never really felt before.
    He was still out of it. Sorta, He felt things on himself which was impossible. He felt odd, the clothes he was wearing, the shoes, he was walking in, he felt things he shouldn't like the feel of his breasts, the brush of is hair on his shoulders and back. He could feel the weight of his earrings, in his lopes. The taste of his lipstick on his lips.
    Before he knew it, was Claire, and he sent out of the penthouse. With he was wearing the day before and about $300.
    And he told to leave.
    For most, would be devastating, but Dennis.
    Somehow he was accused for some advance trading.
    It took him several more minutes, to get down to the streets.
    As he checked out his purse, he found his wallet, phone, several condoms, a few wipes, some keys. A lube of lipstick, some makeup.
    He hailed for a taxi. To go to the address were Claire live.
    At first he laid down on the bed. For the rest of the day. When he woke up. The next day, He strip off his dress, took his heels, he took off his lingerie.
    And he took long , cold shower. After he finished, he stood there in-front. Of full-length mirror.
    Looking at himself, his feminine body, he touched, his breasts, his vagina. He felt some pleasure. But nothing sexually.
    Am I girl, in mind, and body. But why do I think as myself as a he.
    So he decided to get into the inside and outs, of being a girl. So he decided to be Claire Maire. So are you Claire Maire, are you a prostitute, or something else.
    It took him nearly another four days. For Dennis to be Claire Maire. She had real education. That basic high school level. She never when to any college , that he knew of.
    He needed to work. So being a call girl, a prostitute was the only that she did.
    But how could she have done this to me.
    He decided to play the submissive woman. Each time, he played the prostitute thing. He decided that playing hooker was the best thing. He is started to enjoy have sex as a girl. And he get paid for to. Plus, he could start investing, stocks, bonds CD's, Bit Coins. And he could get the inside trading tips.
    And make so money, maybe I'll like this for a time.
    Beside who would be believe that prostitute, could smart enough make money. And been girl barely a month or three. And I'm enjoying it now.

  2. Dennis was a high-flying investment banker.
    He had the most expensive penthouse, and a weekend house in the country.
    He drove the most fastest cars.
    He met the most beautiful women, he parties and sometimes slept with them too.
    He also, sometimes , he need a prostitute , a call girl for the night. Or he wanted to have a really pretty girl, that aren't the elite.
    He had problems, somehow his place was investigated of inside trading. Especially to him.
    Dennis was allot things but not this. He was happy he earned his place, but there were other that believed differently.
    That night, Dennis had this beautiful girl, who was a prostituted, for a night carnal, sexually night of pleasure.
    That night, that sensually night of carnal pleasure. He felt like he was her, and him at the same time.
    When the next morning came Dennis felt both, he had some of sensually sexually carnal sex he had. But he felt it places, that felt so wrong.
    He thought he was imagining things, he saw himself.
    He put up, and was lead out the door. Then he saw the girl being lead out the door. He gave me $300 for the night. And said good day.
    He head felt strange almost woozy. He could hardly stand up straight.
    Then he saw himself.
    Oh, oh, I'm. I'm her. I'm that girl, that prostitute.
    For some reason , I when down to the street level. And hailed a cab.
    He searched, his purse, it held a wallet , some makeup. several condoms.
    He told him to go to that address.
    As he went to her place, he took off his stilettoes, and tried to removed his blouse and especially his bra. And finally his skirt.
    He was still in his panties, and hose. When he hit the bed.
    He slept for another day.
    As he woke up, the next day, he relive those few hours before and after what happen.
    As he finally removed his hose and panties. He stepped into the shower. After what seems like and hour or two. He stepped out of the shower. He dried himself off. And looked at himself in the mirror.
    Who are you, as he checked again, he was Claire Maire , about the same age, as he was.
    Why did you do this to me, how did you do this to me.
    The way she live, and some of the stuff, that tells him, a couple of things, she was smart, very smart. Probably smarter than me. He found some clues, that was one those people known as greys. What that means, they were educated, trading as low-skilled worked. For the elite group. It was rare that some one like that, would actually discover they true potential skills and talents.
    Somehow she did it. She did it. But I have that feeling that somehow Claire was involved in the investigation
    As he still looked himself in the mirror. He no she decided to follow a new path. With her form skills as a investment banker. And being a prostitute, she could make some money.
    So she training herself of being a woman. It took her nearly four days. The basic stuff. Like wearing lingerie, clothes, makeup of how to going to causal to evening and more.
    Especially, those shoes, those, freaking stilettoes shoes. How could she run in them than walk in them. After several hours of practice each day.
    Until she confident, she could walk in them gracefully. Next was what personally she used.
    The submissive blonde women. Will do, next have more than one phone, one for herself, and other for her business times.
    Create another account when she got those tips of stocks, CD, bit coins , and so on.
    Her first night technically as a prostituted. She sucked her man, it felt so freaking amazing, so wonderful, so natural. Plus she listening, on those secret, which did carefully. It felt so wonderful. No wonder why I had so, so many girl in my life.
    Plus she making good money. She be the prostituted one day, and the call girl the next.
    Soon she be making more money before, and the this time, they paying her for sex that the other way around, and plus those tips.
    Most people that this happen to them , would be the worst thing. Not me, do I miss being a guy. That's a question I don't asked myself. Am I enjoy my self, yes course.