Saturday, 21 November 2020

What does this mean? By Rhodry

original story

As he slowly left the room, he noticed he was still peaceful sleeping after a carnal session with me. Well with me as a girl. Why I did it. I'm not sure, part curious, part experiment, part hormones. I left the room still half naked in my/her lingerie. I slowly got to the lab. And the computer, I turned it on. And searched the file for the machine. It has to be here, it has to be here, yes here it is. Finally, I found it. after several more minutes, he opened the file.

Then diagrams and formulas appear on the screen. I looked had it, and looked at it again.
Then I thought to myself, I should know this stuff. I should it.
Even when I was this age of 17 years ago. I should know it.
It sounds Greek to me, I thought to myself. The symbols are Greek.
Its like I know it, but its odd or strange, its like more advance for me. But that can't be.
You can try to figure it out, my dear.
Then I turned around to see him standing there.
Then I turned around to looked around to see him.
Go ahead try to figure it out. I made some modifications to the device.
Why, did you such a thing like that.
Because you always took credit for our work. And got none it. Other being the helper.
So then I test it out. It worked turned me in a teenage girl. I thought it was a flaw in the systems. But it was working perfectly.
Correct my dear.
Stop call me that, I said.
What should I call you, honey, bab, I can't call you Michael now can I.
That is my name Michael.
Not anymore it is, I think I'll call Michelle , no to close to your name, Moira I think is better.
My name is Michael not Moira .
I don't think so, your name is Moira now. And you are Moira.
My name is Mike, err Moira.
I'm a man , not a female or a teenage girl
Your a teenage girl name Moira .
I'm not a, err I'm a teenage girl name Moira.
Why I can't think or understand. Those formulas .
Why because I made, some safely factors, in the your personally factors.
As well as your body too.
I'm leave here.
No you won't. Besides your in your underwear.
I looked at myself. Oh my gosh, I'm in my underwear still. Even if I wanted to. I'll be outside in my underwear.
Why did I said that. It like I was concern to expose myself.
So I'm here in my underwear. Why can't understand this stuff.
I designed it so. You can't undo it.
So get off the chair. And return to bed. You life has changed, you will be my. My assistant , helper and playmate. I think of some general parameters for you life. But that will be later on, next day or so. You barely remember who you are!

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