Friday, 25 November 2022

This isn't my gorgeous body!

Every 40 years Danny had the opportunity to trade bodies with somebody else.

He usually picked rich successful good looking men.

But after almost 200 years of being rich successful men he was ready for a change.

He decided he wanted give being a woman a second chance especially now they had been liberated.

He booked himself into a posh hotel.

He saw a young woman sitting in the hotel bar that took his fancy.

He put on the old charm and started talking to her and buying her as many free drinks as she wanted.

He helped her back to her room.

He took two sleeping pills before swapping bodies with her.

He down 3 cups of extremely strong coffee to bring her body back out of its alcoholic stupor.

He slipped out of the clothes she had been wearing all day and walked into the bathroom to take a look at the body he would be calling home.

He stood in the bathroom looking at her no his body for a good 20 minutes.

He was overwhelmed by the feeling and sensation of it all.

He snapped himself out of it knowing he did not have much time.

It had been quite a while since he had been a woman and fashions had changed quite a bit.

He had less than an hour to get dressed get out of there before the woman whos body he had just stolen awoke in his and started screaming.

He slipped into a nice pair of stockings panties bra garter belt and high heels.

He walked back into the bedroom and stared at his old naked body lying on the bed.

He picked a nice dress to wear out of the wardrobe.

He slipped into it and zipped himself up.

He pulled her suitcase down from the top of the wardrobe and neatly packed everything into it.

He went over to his old body and pulled out his old wallet and removed the black plastic credit card he always carried when he traded bodies that gave him access to his fortune.

He kissed his old body goodbye.

Pulling his suitcase behind him he walked out of the hotel room and headed to the lift.

He checked out of the hotel and jumped into a cab to the private Airport where his personal playing was waiting for him.

He said to himself as he strapped himself into the pilots seat and went through pre-flight checks 40 years in this body should be easy.

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