Tuesday, 4 October 2022

Smile for the camera.

Tommy never used to believe in magic, cursed objects and hauntings.

He never believed in gender swapping and gender transformations.

He believed that sort of stuff was just nonsense which was aimed at people imaginations.

But that all changed when he moved into an old house.

He was doing some modernisation.

He was ripping up the old dining room floor when he found an old sealed box between two of the floor joists.

Scratched into the lid was do not open if you value your life.

His curiosity got the better of him and he broke open the box.

Inside was an old Polaroid camera.

As he picked up the camera it went off and flashed in his eyes.

He closed his eyes for a couple of seconds and when he opened them his whole world had changed.

He was now a woman and Playboy bunny.

There was a man standing in front of him taking his picture with what look like to be the same camera he had just found.

A disembodied voice inside his head laughed and said thank you for free me from that box.

I am what people call a soul collector.

I was just about to steal this woman soul when somebody use my own soul trap on me.

So instead of taking over her body and sending her back in time to the last body I had inhabited I found myself trapped inside here.

You have released me by taking your picture.

Luckily for you her soul was still connected to me.

So instead of finding yourself trapped in my prison you're in her body and she is inside the camera waiting for somebody to release her.

I have taken your body and the rest of your life.

Your body is not my usual taste but it will do unto my powers are fully restored and I can trade up for a better one.

The voice wished him good luck and goodbye.

Tommy quickly stood up almost falling over due to the high heels and the extra weight up top.

He grabbed hold of the Polaroid camera the man in front of him was holding.

He took a picture of himself and closed his eyes hoping he would wake up back in his own body.

To his dismay when he opened his eyes he was still a play boy bunny.

The camera he was holding was just a camera mow.

He quickly ascertained he was back in the 70s.

He was a Playboy Bunny.

He found out his name was Married when one of the other girls asked him to come with her to the champagne lounge.

He was expected to be the perfect little hostess to all the horny drunken businessmen there.


  1. Request: After the great shift, a 65 year old Man, thought he was lucky to have 40s woman body. So he did everything to impersonate her. She is a single mother who lives with her teen son. After one day at work and is home Aline, it's time for some fun. Her body is sensitive and had lots of orgasmos that day.

    1. thank you for taking the time to get in touch.
      I have added it to my list and I will work on them shortly.


  2. Tommy never believes the possibly of it. Of magic, of mystical object, curse and even haunting. He never believes that it is possibly for someone to switch or changed gender or get older or younger in matter of hours or minutes. Or the stuff that people believed in that there are things that are totally unknown to science, that could consider magic.
    What happened next was this old house. He saw the possibilities; it can be turned into a modern house. It needed work well, probably a bit of work. Has he looked around. The place full old stuff. That looked strangely new. it was like it was made yesterday or last week. So, he started to move the furniture, out of the house. And started to pull out the floorboards to and found a hidden compartment, probably for rare things. So, he pulled out the box. It had a warning that said, " Warning do not open the box, if your life."
    But Tommy was curious about it so much, so much. That he opened the box he thought that there could something really valuable. As he opened the box there was an old camera a polaroid. As he looked at it more looked closely to the camera. To see if was working or it could be sold or something. Then it flashed it his eyes. As he tried to get rid of the spots in his eyes. In that moment everything changed drastically. He was now a woman, but a Playboy Bunny. Before he realized it. He saw something in the air but there wasn't anything there to. It was like there was shape in the air. And some laughing too. I thank you for releasing me from the box.
    Who are you, what are you, he said. Who I am, is more complicated to explain it, to your kind. Just say that I'm from out of town, it said. Out of town he said. Really out of town, it said. Why am I like this he said. Just say that, I needed your body, so I switch in the moments when I was about take over her. In that moment. I was trapped into that device, somehow, I and her body trapped in this device and placed inside that box. But why am I as a woman. Well I have need of a newer body, thou this it not for my liking, but I will do. I need time to develop my strength and powers. In that moment. I saw myself standing there. As he raised a hand. And it glowed a bit. My eyes closed, and then my eyes opened again. As i saw the flash again. I was somewhere else. I seem to be in a different place, it looked like a mansion. It looked like it was back in the 1970's like how was dressed like now. In that moment his hand was pulled with another Playboy Bunny to another part of mansion. Tommy was bought to the champagne lounge.
    Tommy learned of her name now, and she now engaged, to young writer and professor or something and she was told that she had to play perfect hostess to a much of horny drunken businessmen. She could swear she could see swirling mass of air and some laughing to. For a moment she thought she someone else. But that impossible, she thought.

    1. Thank you. I want the being to be unknown you could probably see him/it as something. But your not sure what it is. Why I said that statement, I got the idea from John de Lancie "Q", it's ridiculous, they wouldn't understand. That's why I said I'm from out of town. why did I transform him as a her or why i send him as her into 1970's. I think it stuck or in statis, of that time. And I think why it did it. One it started to take over her. But by chance or flute or accident that moment it was between doing it. So, it probably trap. So, I think it had a partial of the girl being. When it got release, it needed a new body. So, trade, a swap was made. And he as her was sent to the 1970's. And memories of her too, starting to unwind in her mind and body. Is it there too, I'll as yes.