Monday, 26 September 2022

You still like sucking on them!

Sandra wanted to get rid of her lying cheating and husband.

She knew if she divorced him he would leave her with next to nothing.

So she decided on an alternative course of action.

She had him his soul was placed inside one of her eggs.

His soul fertilise the eggs party to grow into a baby.

She called the cops and reported him missing.

3 days later his body was found in his car.

After the coroner's inquest and the funeral she was able to collect the life insurance policy.

9 months 24-hours after that she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.

She had considered giving up the baby for adoption.

But the minute she held her in her and she could not.

She knew as the baby group memories of who she used to be the start coming through she would remember she used to be a man and a husband.

She knew she would one day recognise her mother as her ex-wife.

She decided she will cross that bridge when it came to it and for the moment she was just going to enjoy being a mother.


  1. A teen (Mike) tries to possess his crush but ends up in her mother instead, proceeds to spy his crush in her house and masturbates thinking about his crush all night, the next day he wakes up concerned because he is still in that body and not his, turns out that he didn't read the warnings of the spell, and if he didn't returned to his body 1 hour after possessing a person then the possession would be permanent, thus, his real body died and he's stuck as her forever.

    Mike the day of the possession enjoying his crush's mom's body:

    Mike concerned the day after (last image):

    1. thank you for getting in touch I will work on that shortly.