Sunday, 25 September 2022

The price of Silence: requested by Anonymous


Jamal new straight away that this was not his step-sister

He did not at anything like his step-sister.

She did not talk anything like his step-sister.

She acted and taught like a dirty old man who was trying to pretend to be on woman.

He decided to confront whoever was inside his stepsisters body

He found whoever was inside her body outside stripping off ready to jump into the pool.

He coughed loudly to let whoever was inside her body know he was there.

He told whoever was inside her body that he knew they were swapper.

He demanded to know why they had dot come forward and reported their swap.

He was surprised when the person who was in his step sister's body just left and said honestly man if you found yourself in a sexy young woman's body are you boys report that your a convicted criminal and be sent back to prison as continue to strip off in front of him.

The man inside his sister's body feeling some sexual tension between them two said can't we make a deal to keep this between you and me?

Jamal already had stayed at his naked stepsisters body and said okay but if she turns up I'm going to pretend I know nothing about you as he dropped his shorts and boxer shorts and told the guy to spread them.

The guy already feeling sexually turned on from exploring this woman body all last night and this morning just complied.

He could not believe how incredible it feel to have a cock thrusting in and out of you.

He could not believe how much he moaned and whimpered and begged him to go deeper.

He could not believe how great it felt when he came inside of him.

He could not believe the wonderful orgasmic shops that raged through his body afterwards.

Jamal told him afterwards he wanted this blowjobs on a weekly basis to keep a secret.

Which the man was only too happy to do.


  1. Request story: Could you do a story that a bodyhopper has a thing for possess mature/milf women. He had taken the bodies from his single housewives, aunts and divorced moms.

    1. thank you for getting in touch I will work on that shortly.