Sunday, 25 September 2022

My new life: requested by Josef Zápotocky

Josef had no idea how he had gained the ability to turn himself into Sophie Turner.

He was scared to let anybody know what he could do.

He thought they would look him up in a lab and do tests.

So he used to his ability only when he was alone and nobody else could disturb them.

He used it to experience life as a woman.

What it would like to sit down to pee.

What it felt like to walk around with breasts bouncing on your chest.

What it felt like to have a vagina and to finger yourself.

After several weeks alone turning himself back and forward.

He decided to break the outside world.

Using her actual measurements off the internet e ordered himself clothing underwear shoes and makeup.

After plenty of practise he was able to apply makeup with some skills.

He got dressed in fancy lingerie high heels on a pretty dress.

He had it out for a night on the town.

He discovered looking like a famous person out in public was not an enjoyable thing.

People wanted his photograph and autograph reply to chatting up and even a couple try to grope his ass.

When the news broke and the video footage of him wandering around the small town and losing his temper with a few guys on the national news he thought it was only right that he got in touch with the real Sophie Turner.

He  send an email to her business account and told her his crazy story and attached a picture of himself holding up the newspaper.

By his email and got in touch with him.

They spoke over Skype and she could not believe how much he looked and sounded like her.

2 days later she sent a car for him.

She could not believe the woman in front of her had been a teenage boy even after seeing him transform.

She offered him a job as her personal assistant and standing.

She offered him somewhere to live and paid for him to be taught how to be her.

Was extremely happy with this and for once felt at Home in his transform body and never felt the urge to turn back.

Before he knew it he was walking talking and acting just like her.

She allowed him to have sexual intercourse with as many men as he liked as long as he made sure they were a bag over there heads so they did not know who they were sleeping with.

He loves sex from the female point of view and loves having a man between his legs.

He thought life could not get any better than this 6 weeks after moving in with her she asked him to be her surrogate

Which of course he was only too happy to do.

Because being pregnant & bringing a new life into the world was the greatest thing a woman could do.

He would have to be inseminated with her partner's sperm and her eggs.

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