Wednesday, 21 September 2022

I can still Kick-Ass

US Marines Sergeant Michael   was paralysed in an IED explosion.

He thought his life was over when he got the news.

He thought he would be spending the rest of his days in a wheelchair staring at a wall.

Then he got the strangers offer of his life.

He was offered the chance to join a super soldier program.

They placed his brain into the body of a young woman who had died recently of a brain hemorrhage.

With the aid of nanotechnology be increased in strength is agility and he's intelligence.

He came to from the procedures you were surprised to find he was a woman.

He hated everything about his new body and gender.

He thought he would never get used to being a woman

But with a lot of counselling & training he grew to love his new self.

They gave him a new name a new identity and a new life.

1-year after finishing his training and being deemed fit for active service he was sent on his first mission.

He was amazed how well he could still kick as a woman in a pretty dress and high heels.


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