Friday, 10 June 2022

My mum! requested by Anonymous


Carl awoke this morning for my living nightmare.

For the past year he had been nothing more than just a passing in his own body.

He had been possessed by a perverted old man who had accidentally taken over him instead of his mother.

He was made to watch as amended unspeakable and horrible things to his body and his friends and family.

Despite the pounding headache and the dizziness he ran downstairs to give his mother a hug and tell her he was back.

He run into the kitchen where his mother was making breakfast.

His heart stopped when he saw his mother and saw how he was dressed.

He knew straight away the perverted old man had left his body was now in hers.

He knew there was nothing he could do for her for the next year.

Morning sweetie.

What do you fancy for breakfast?

How about a nice big tall glass of milk?

Why don't we stop beating around the bush.

You know who I am.
You know what I'm going to do.
So you leave me alone and I will leave you alone.


  1. Idea for a last chapter: the son discovered a way to expell old perverted, his mom's body and kill him. So the impostor proposes a deal for the boy. Using his mom's body with a strangely manly Voice, he tells his "son" he could erase the people memory from everything he did for him and friends. But with one condition, if the perverted could stay with his mom's body. The sim agrees, and accept his "New mother" If he respects more her body and stop with the orgy, he mimicking her , agrees.

    Some pics:

    1. thank you for taking the time to get in touch.
      I have added it to my list and I will work on them shortly.