Wednesday, 30 March 2022


Samuel who was adjusting very well to being a woman was on in his first date with a guy.

They had decided to go bowling and have a relaxed evening together

He was doing his best not to act like a man.

He remember to use the lady's not the genus.

He remember to laugh and smile at the guys jokes.

He remember to act gurgling and flirtatious but not easy.

Everything's going alright until he had a clothing whilst bowling the ball.

He smiled and shrugged it off as he popped his breasts back into his top.

But deep down was devastated and embarrassed.

He told himself off  not listening to his mother's advice when he asked her what she thought of his outfit.

If you're going bowling wear a sports bra and a top with straps you don't want to pop out.

Despite that little mishap tonight was a complete success and the guy want to see him tomorrow.

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