Tuesday, 29 March 2022

Is this cheating?

Martin was pretty sure his girlfriend Sarah was cheating on him.

He was pretty sure she was not working late every night of the office.

He hacked into her social media and mobile phone but found no evidence to confirm his suspicions.

That did not stop him from taking drastic and bizarre measures.

He went to a back alley body possession centre and had them the next night is wife was working late put his mind in her body.

He found himself in her naked body lying in bed with another woman  who turned out to be his sister.

She was screwing her from behind with a very large and thick dildo which felt incredibly good inside her body.

He found himself moaning and screaming with delight as his girlfriend body was wrapped by orgasm after orgasm.

Even though his suspicions have been confirmed he decided not to confront his girlfriend about this as he wanted to take over her body again and again as this was the most sexually delightful fingertip experienced in his life

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