Friday, 14 January 2022

I will do anything to be with her!

Thomas had the hots for Stephanie James the hottest girl in the office.

Stephanie James was a lesbian & had I had no time for him.

Thomas spent his life savings on a female body at the swap auction.

He changed his name and apply for a job at his old office.

He was pleased to see that his new body was as advertised.

It found Stephanie just as attractive as his old male one.

He made sure all the men in the office new he was a lesbian.

It wasn't long before him and Stephanie got talking.

It wasn't long after that they started dating.

It wasn't long after that he was encouraging her to put her hand up his dress and feel how wet she was making him.



  1. Thanks for the nice work.
    I believe more lesbian captions will be welcome ☺

  2. Thomas was in love, really in love. All the other times he thought he was in love, as just lust or infatuation. But this time it was different. He could feel her within twenty or thirty feet. She had this aura that she is noticed.
    When Thomas tried make a date with her, she politely refused. Thou she was the beautiful, sexy girl. Even her casual clothes, which she wore, skirts and dresses, nylons and walked in heels, wore makeup. Stephane Jamies was a lesbian, a lipstick lesbian, a girl enjoys wearing girly clothes, and heels, and she enjoys mostly the company of girls.
    Thou she won't enjoy some time with the guys for a drink or two, she prefers girls.
    But Thomas, wanted her, he knew, she was the one. But she was interested in girls.
    So, several weeks passed, and few months pass. Thomas was nothing, but highly resourceful and an expert researcher. It said that he, could find answers to difficult problems.
    So, there was a new process that could help him. Thou the process, has high probably of success. Once started the process could not be reversed.
    He knew the risk. Secondly the cost was high, he didn't care. So, he made plans, he left the firm, private reasons, officially. But privately he was going to be transfigure in a new person. That private official reason.
    The true reason he was in love with Stephne James. After a week of DNA altering, and being in the tube, Thomas was officially no more. Thomas was no more a guy. Then her love interest is. After a few weeks of training, education. And to see that Thomas to his new life. As Tayla.
    Tayla was certain, this would work. This feminine body interest Stephne James. She bought several new outfits. Got a job as research assistant in her old firm.
    It was barely a weel that other guys who, she once knew as Thomas as drooling over this beautiful girl in the research department.
    Like Stephne, Tayla politely refused. She made up a story. That she dumps once to many times. In a sense, it was true. But she wanted Stephne, and Stephne noticed the girl.
    Stephne was attracted to Tayla, almost an immediately. And she was wondering that, she have a couple drinks late Friday night, which Tayla agreed too.
    On Friday, night, Stephne admitted that she was a lesbian, and she was attracted to her.
    Tayla blushed a little, she didn't know to be proud, or be embarrassed. She said, she too was interested in her too. But she never made it, with another woman before. Incense it was the truth. But not complete truth.
    Stephne said, come on to my place, I will show you, pleasures of being intermitted with another women.
    As Tayla followed her to her place. She was willing to do anything, to finely know her intermit?