Thursday, 13 January 2022

Do we have a deal?

Robert was struggling with life after his transformation.

He spent most of his time with his ankles behind his ears on the back seat of some mans car.

He had really gotton behind on his college work and now was asking the teacher Mr William to give him an extension.

Mr William had heard the rumours about Robert and his sexual appetite.

He decided to make him a deal he knew he could not turn down.

Three blowjobs for a pass with extra credit? 


  1. Robert was tried to adapt to be a girl, a woman. After his transformation.
    It's been days or weeks since. Robert was transformed into a woman, well a girl, not really a full-grown woman. Robert's hormones, his female hormones was raging on high. Thou he was a bit nerdy, be for, and he liked sex, he like sex allot. But now it's worse, much worse instead being high, it was on hype level.
    Robert adopted a sexy nerdy coed look. For himself, he started be in a more sexually position. Like he rose over his head. Like he bends himself into many sexually position, he liked it, he liked it allot. It was allot less work than studying. He enjoyed it more, and more, he started given them sexually favorite, for passing grades.
    Robert was having to fun, messing with there minds?