Wednesday, 1 December 2021


Sarah was sick and tired of a 17-year olds on Michael spending all his free time sat in front of his computer watching terrible cheap porn and masturbating.

She wished he could know what it was like to be one of the actresses in the porn film.

Someone out there was listening and made her wish come true.


This is not a dream.

I am actually a woman we've really nice tits.

Why does this all look familiar!

What's that breaking between into the room!

I remember this bit now.

This is where the blonde girl gets fuck by Bigfoot!

I am in Bigfoot on campus!


  1. Sara was tired, very tired of Michael's fascination those fantasy, sci-fi those R-rated, soft cored porn movies. Those like he liked Sara, he wished that Sara more sexier, that she looked and acted one of those, actress in those stars in the movies.
    Sara was getting tired of trying to be like fictional girls. For once she like to know what it's like the one. To be the damsel in those movies.
    Then a flash of light envelops Michael, moments later.
    He was somewhere else. It looked familiar; them he saw himself in a mirror in the room. He looked like one of those girls in one of movies, he liked.
    Before he could react, he felt something in the place. Something big, something hairy in the place.
    Oh, oh my, it, it can't be Sasquatch, Bigfoot. It can't be, he can't be real.
    Then a large hairy hands. Were on now feminine body. He started pawing on my feminine body.
    Part of me was terrified of being the damsel in distress. Another part of me, was excited that I was in situation, that I could do something different. Another I was in shocked as the damsel.
    This, this creature, this thing. Was fascinated, in my feminine body. It wanted me, in a carnal almost human way. I, I couldn't handle it. The fact that I was a girl, the damsel in distress. That Bigfoot wanted me. I, I couldn't handle so I passed out.