Wednesday, 20 October 2021

Who are you? : requested by Anonymous.

Robert is a shapeshifter.

He is over 300 years old.

He uses his shapeshifting ability to ruin people's lives.

Last week he had met Mr Frank a hard-working businessman with a nice family.

He murdered him and buried him in the woods before taking on his identity.

The first thing he did was to quit Mr Frank's job.

The second thing he did was kick Mr Franks wife and children out of the house.

The third thing he did was run up massive debts and empty the family's life savings.

The fourth thing he did was to pick his next victim.

He did not have to look too far for that.

His next door neighbour Barbara a middle aged woman was just what he was looking for.

So he started courting her and when he felt the time was right he took her off into the woods for a kinky picnic.

He murdered and buried her in the woods then he took on her identity and started ruining her life and reputation.

That was six months ago now.

He had quit her job.

Run up massive debts and ruined a lot of relationships in the neighbourhood.

He was just in the middle of giving Mr Williams from 63 a blowjob and filming it to send to the guys wife when something strange happened.

A young man entered the door and screamed mother what the hell are you doing?

Robert had no idea Barbara had children!


  1. Robert was doing this for about 300 year or more. Robert was never, the best of a person, he was sorta a low-life, a problem maker. He never did any real good in his life. And that was when he discover his ability. He wasn't interested in things than causing trouble. And he been doing it for many, many years.
    He first take over there form and some there memories and there life energy. Then kill them bury them deep in the woods where no one can find them.
    Then he takes there place at first he becomes who lives he took. At first he acts like who they were, but after a few months or few years, he slowly when back to his, low-life ways. And cause real trouble. And done this for hundreds of years. And never hide fact. Out he never got caught. He switch body ever several years. And he got bore here and moved on.
    To the next person, the next live he took over.
    His latest newest body as Mr. Franks, guy who was very good businessman a nice family. So Robert took over his life, at first he seem, a peace again, but his villi nature appear again. He slowly damaged his business and them his family. And kick them out.
    Next he was looking for his next host, he will now.
    He saw his next door neighbor Barbara a 40ish woman. He started to court her, then bought her to the woods. Then the he took her form and memories and life energy. Kill her bury her in the woods.
    Then he was Barbara, then he started again to do it. At first Barbara seem normal, her behavior, change like a 180 degrees, her manor dress change to sexy to more bimbo-ish. Them he decided to ruin her good name. He started to play around with a Mr. Williams a manure 40ish handsome guy. Which he decided to give him several BJ in the last hour or so.
    Then a young man enter Barbara's home. He was confused who he was.
    It seem Robert was caught in the middle of doing another BJ. When her 20ish son enter the place. It seem that Barbara son's was suspicious of things, of stories of a wraith. Things were starting to get complexed after 300 years???