Wednesday, 28 July 2021

My advice is get laid.

Samuel who had lost his manhood 6 weeks ago after a strange side effect to a vaccine he received was really hoping this doctor could help him restore his manhood.


  1. Samuel didn't know how, or why. But Samuel actually physically, biologically, genetically changed. It started as vaccine shot, but most doctors, and medically profession. Never, ever never study basic genetic variation, of certain people what does have to do with Samuel well, as this unique genetic variation. Which either has no effect on him, or causes adverse effect of him. Within a spam barely six weeks maybe seven weeks.
    Samuel was no more a guy, than most girls. He was actually a girl. in appearances, but his emotionally, and mentally state was still a guy, basically. And he wanted to regain his lost manhood. But the doctors, couldn't understand how it happen. And these were the doctors that knew, he was a he. They couldn't understand it, that these girl was once a guy.
    So he had to go to a specialist, which they barely know understand it anymore than the regular doctors. But they discover serval genetic anomaly, that would cause it. So there are more tests, and they couldn't understand what caused it, only that it, did. But there some other problems to, with Samuel, his mental and emotion state was slowly shifting into more a girl, than a guy. Even his tomboy appearances, slowly changed.
    And he was looking at dresses, and skirts and heels. Plus he decided to wear makeup. And had stop himself, to get or wear more girly stuff.
    Each week he's like this, the more he more a she. It seem his emotional state, is more feminine in nature. The problem is he starting like it, enjoy it.

    1. They never studies genetic mutation, there is that probably it could happen. There a chance it could happen. Even if it was one out of 10000 or 1000000 people could happen. There is always the variant.