Tuesday, 2 March 2021

Mum it's me Anthony...

Anthony did not believe the old man who had sold him the necklace that it would grant him his heart desire.

He did not know why he had bought it.

He did not know why when he got home he put it on.

But he was glad that he had done so.

As he found himself turned into the most beautiful woman he had ever seen.

After enjoying his new body for an hour or so he decided to go into his sister's room and borrow some of her clothes she had left behind when she moved out.


  1. There strange beautiful woman. In a bikini.
    I was about to say something.
    She spoke.
    Mom , its me. It's Anthony.
    Anthony, how, why. How its probably.
    Its, its this necklace, the person, who sold me this, said that it grant him, his hearts desire.
    I, I didn't really believe it. But if there was a chance. if it was true.
    I'm, I'm glad that he sold it. I'm glad that he done so.
    After and hour or so. In the mirror, I, I looked looked great. I looked beautiful. I can't believe I looked like this.
    After enjoying his new feminine body. He decided to go into his sister's room. He needed some clothes to wear.
    His clothes didn't fit him anymore. So he had to take some of her for the time. Some of the things, she didn't need, or decided on a new look.
    As was looking the stuff. And think of her life now. She decided to stop thinking of herself as a he anymore.
    She has think of what tomorrow would bring. One thing that is sure. I'm not Anthony anymore. Who am I Alice, Annette , Alina. Andrea. I'll have to be someone, its to soon, to decided. I'm not him anymore.