Monday, 1 March 2021

I am not sure about the skirt?

When Scott turned 16 he woke to a strange new world.

A world where he was female and he had super abilities.

He was even more surprised when he nervously went downstairs to tell his parent's what had happened to him to find them waiting for him and were expecting this.

His mother e
xplain to him this was a genetic gift from her side of the family.

She told him that they were expecting this as it had skipped her.

She told him he would only turn into a woman when he needed to use his powers.

She told him with a little bit of practice he would be able to turn himself from male to female.

This was a lot for him to take in.

He needed some time to get his head around it.

He could not believe having superpowers came with such a drawback.

But once he had gotten his mind around it and had accepted the fact that this was really happening he allowed his mother to teach him everything she knew and to make him a super costume.


  1. could you please create caption where Bryce Dallas Howard transform josef into herself

    1. thank you for getting in touch I will work on that shortly.


  2. could you please create caption where Scarlett Johansson touch josef and transform him into herself so josef was now complete transform into Scarlett Johansson josef used to have vagina and boobs and use to be Scarlett Johansson

    1. thank you for getting in touch I will work on that shortly.


  3. Scoot woke up barely 16-years. He changed really changed. He was a boy. Anymore, he had the body about a 16-years girl. He screams in shock.
    Mom, mom wait, wait happen in a husky girlish voice I had.
    Oh, dear, I was afraid that this would happen. I was hoping it would happen a few years later. It does happen.
    But, but why.
    Well, dear, it is genetic gift, my side of the family.
    Here look.
    As I looked she created a sphere of light in her hands.
    Mom, your, your not human.
    Well, not exactly, I am human. But not of this world.
    You , mean a bud-eye alien.
    Don't be crewed dear.
    You father race are sorta like the younger cousins. Your less develop in certain ways. Yes I am human, but more develop in certain ways.
    You mean like you.
    Yes, yes you are.
    But, but why am I a girl.
    Well , a part you probably have more female hormones, than male. But it didn't kick in until now.
    How get back to normal now.
    I'm sorry dear, this is normal.
    Normal I'm a freaking girl.
    Well that happens.
    You mean I'm a girl.
    Don't worry dear.
    Worry, worry. if my friend come over, they'll noticed that I'm a girl.
    Trust me, they'll noticed , but they won't care.
    They won't care, what do you mean they don't care.
    Well they believe it was normal for you to be one.
    After we talk , and I calm down. I came in a costume.
    Do you like.
    What that, your costume for the Convention.