Sunday, 7 March 2021

Halston Sage : requested by Josef Zápotocky


Halston Sage had been receiving disturbing letters for some weeks from a disturbed fan.

From the contents of the letters she understood he had been stalking her for many weeks so she hired a firm of bodyguards to protect her day and night.

She hired a professional body double Josef Zápotocky who after being transformed into her went about her daily routine in hope of catching him.


  1. Halston Sage been getting those letter those letters they love you. But there one that was very disturbed fan. That they were soul mates, that they belong together and no one knowns you that me.
    She thought it was someone fantasy, but she thought it was her imagination. She thought someone was following her. Was it fan, Or someone else.
    So she hired a body-double a person. A person is a look-like to her or someone else. But the problem was a guy, but he looked like her, sorta. But with the proper clothes, makeup, some voice training. So from time to time, Josef was Halston Sage. He could be twins, to her. He understood he was bait get this mysterious fan.