Tuesday, 15 September 2020

You never told me you weren't on the pill honey.

Tony always believed it was down to the woman to make sure the man was wearing a condom so they did not get pregnant.

He now wishes he had remembered his own little rule.

Because not long after becoming a woman in the great shift he found himself quickly knocked up by a jerk like he used to be & who when he told him he was pregnant told him it was his own fault for not taking precautions.

Which really pissed him off .


  1. a new couple goes on a date, and find out the woke up in each other's bodies. They go on a second date while swapped and go back home together and go to sleep together. In the morning, the guy ends up waking up to the girl in his body having her hand in his panties and rubbing his clit. He wasn't expecting their start to their relationship would be him being the newly girlfriend.

    Can you do a cap like this??