Thursday, 27 February 2020

Natural immunity to it..

Sydney a survivor of the genetic plague which had wiped out 70% of the population and had sterilized 20% of the survivors looked across the wasteland.

He was keeping an eye out for bandits as he was a very rare thing in the wasteland.

He was a fertile woman like 3% of men who had been affected by the genetic virus but who had a natural immunity to it which meant they fetched a pretty good penny at the slave auctions.


  1. Ohh that's what u meant by that request u made huh? Sorry i had forgot to make that. Haven't been doing too well with my captions but I'll get back on them

  2. Anonymous06:33:00

    Sydney looks like a good medium for the passing on of genes but also looks very capable of being selective of mates. Nice dystopian cap!!!