Sunday, 27 November 2022

A little bit extra down below! requested by Shadow


The minute Shadow so her he fell in love with her.

As far as he was concerned she was the most beautiful woman on the planet.

He kept on finding small repairs needed to his car just to see her.

He desperately wanted to ask her out but was terrified of rejection.

So he would just pleasure himself to the memories of her at night.

One night whilst doing this the strangest thing happened to him he found himself in her body standing inside her garage.

He saw this as an opportunity to see what she had beneath the overalls.

He could not believe the underwear she was wearing.

It was a lot more girly than he would have thought it would have been.

She had small but perfectly formed perk little breasts.

She also had a bulge in her panties that should not have been there.

He had no idea that she was transgender.

He had no idea she was saving up for the final operation which would make her a woman.

He found himself getting hard playing with her breasts which was a mind-bending situation for him.


  1. Thanks I love it. Pretty sure I'll help her with the operation funds after I enjoy having both forms of pleasure :3