Sunday, 25 September 2022

This cannot be happening too me: requested by Anonymous.

65 year old Michael did not know what was going on.

He had no idea why he was there.

His male mind found the body he was now in extreme.

It had been over 20 years since he had been with a woman so he was excited.

He wasted no time in stripper off her clothes and getting down to the fun of it.

He was amazing surprised by how pleasurable being a woman could be.

He was surprised how quickly and easily her pussy got wet.

He could not believe how incredible it was to stick your finger inside yourself.

He was pleasuring himself on the living room for the house he found himself in when the living room door burst open and an angry looking teenage girl stumped in.

Frank now in the body of a 15-year old girl was disappointed to discover when he finally got home that his wife had been body swapped

He found who ever was in her body in his living room enjoying her body.

He was annoyed and angry and demanded the person to stop what they were doing.

He demanded they left his wife's body alone and behave themselves.

The person in his wife's body just looked at him and left and said what can you do little girl to stop me.

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