Friday, 5 August 2022

Planning for the future: requested by Anonymous


90 years old Henry was a brilliant brain surgeon and inventory.

He knew his body was quickly failing and he did not want to die.

After many hours of research study and tinkering he came up with a solution.

He built a machine that could transfer the consciousness of one person into somebody else's body.

At first he considered putting his mind in a young male body.

But he quickly decided he'd been there done that and wanted to try something different.

In the end he decided to swap into the middle aged widow Mrs Richardson from across the road.

One-night invited to her over.

He drugged her drink witch knocked her unconscious.

With a lot of effort he dragged her body into his basement laboratorie and strapped her into his device.

He strapped himself into the machinery and through the switch.

There was a searing pain them a white light and a pulsating in his head.

When he finally came to and found himself in her body the machine had worked perfectly.

It was strange at first walking around in a woman's body.

Everything suede bounced and jiggled.

He could not believe how heavy her breasts were or how emptying his pants were.

With a little bit of effort he managed to drag his old frail body upstairs and put it into his bed.

He opened his safe and made sure all the documents he needed to prove their marriage was legit and his new will leaving everything to her was there.

He rang the police and reported Henry's deaf.

He waited for them and the corner to turn up.

He played the perfect grieving widow.

Harry's body was taken away.

4 hours 45 minutes after his mind was put into this body he was finally alone with it.

He felt like he needed a hot bath.

He knew she was not the most beautiful woman in the world.

He knew if he had look log and hard he could have found somebody better.

But there was just something about her body he loved.

He was excited to strip off and get a look at her body.

He lifted up his top and got a look at the breast that were hanging on his chest.

He could not believe how sensitive they were.

He pulled the knickers he was wearing off.

He could not believe the size of her bush.

He had a fun time playing with it.

He could not believe how sensitive it was.

He could not believe how quickly it got wet.

He could not believe how much better this was then a dick.

He lost himself for a good few days to her body and her pleasure.

But he knew he had to put phase two of his plans into action as quick as possible.

He knew this body was not going to last forever so with the aid of a turkey baster and several vials of his own seed that he had kept on ice for quite a while he impregnated himself so he had a spare body when the time came.