Wednesday, 20 July 2022


Patrick never truly understood how big and thick his cock was until he found himself in the body of a young woman name Tara.

Emma the woman who had landed in his body track him down through the swap centre so she could meet the man whose body this used to be.

With Patrick's permission she pulled it out of her trousers and ask him how he handle having such a massive cock. 

She explain she was fighting to put inside any woman in case she did permanent damage to them. 

Patrick put his slender female forearm against it for measurement.

His eyes widened at the thought of having that monster of a cock round inside his cute little pussy.

Emma looked at him and said any chance I could persuade you to let me put your old cock inside your new pussy?


  1. Patrick was still adjusting to be in a body of women. Goes by the of Tara. His/her feelings were a bit confusing, and mess-up. Emma now has Patrick's old male body. Thou she/he was getting used to being a guy. But the sexual thing was a problem, she was never person who used a strap-on dildo. Thou she used it on herself. Then Emma found out her former, body which, the same person who has her former body. Patrick or Tara now.
    Emma wanted to learn how to a guy without hurt them. Patrick/Tara was willing to help Emma to be a man. She/he wanted to have sex with them. So, Emma was willing to show Patrick/Tara her/his male organ. TO him/her, as Emma was showing it him/her. She at that moment was sexually excised him/her. At that moment Patrick was no more. And at the moment she now Tara, she was drooling at it. She is amazed, she wanted it. Desired it, she to touch it, she kissed it. She sucked it. She started to unrobed. And she started lay down, and Emma slowly started to slid into Tara's body. Emma's old body. It was amazing to have his new male sexually form. In that moment he was Patrick now. As they finish exploring there new sexually. Patrick asked Tara would want to go again. Tara smiled like a cat. She was more than willing to, it was strange that neither of them really enjoyed sex that much, and now it was more nature to them, like where born as them.