Thursday, 20 January 2022

I absolutely loved them.

Paul sat in the bath washing off his new body he had bought this morning.

He was glad the sales assistant had talked him into getting the larger breast model.

He could not believe how different everything felt.

He could not believe how easily he was being turned on.

He reached over to the sink and grabbed his electric toothbrush.

He laid back in the bath with his legs on either side.

He switch on the toothbrush and entered whole new world of pleasure.



  1. Paul always wanted this he wanted to be a girl. Actual girl, physically, biologically, genetically a girl. Paul was a girl mentally, emotionally a girl. Even before he started his transfiguration.
    He knew what, he wanted, over how he looks, his new feminine appearances, but he wasn't sure on certain things. How he should look, his breasts be average or more bigger in the chest, his waist, his hips, his shoe sizes. The natural color of his hair. A dozen things little things.
    Paul wanted to be a girl. He didn't know that it was be that complex, the process was complex, thou it took several weeks to months. For Paul to truthy experiences. His new feminine as the doctors said it.
    But want Paul calls it, her true form.
    She couldn't believe the sensual of his body. It was different, more alive. It felt almost electric, every time Paul washed his body, it, it felt almost erotic.
    The doctors said, this experiences. So normal for a newly transformed person.
    Even brushing her teeth, it felt pleasurable.

    1. Then Paul was transformed into a girl, actually girl physically, biologically one. But Paul was average looking girl, pretty, but not beautiful. With some tweak's, she looks ravaging?