Sunday, 28 November 2021

I am sure that shop was around here: requested by Shadow.

Shad always loves to visit his local charity shops at least once a week.

He was always amazed with the sort of clothes you could find there.

This made his crossdressing hobby more affordable.

This week he visited a charity shop he had never noticed before.

He guessed it must have just opened up.

Everything was so cheap he picked up quite a few items.

When he got home he went through his bags.

The first thing he tried on was a see-through lace dressing gown.

The minute the fabric touched his skin the strangest thing happened.

He found himself transformed into a beautiful woman with a nice pair of tits for a woman off her age.

After exploring this body for a good 2 hours he came to the conclusion that he was not hallucinating and had actually turned into a fully functioning woman.


He took off the item of clothing he was wearing and found he did not turn back to his old self but stayed as he was.

He pulled out a second item.

It was a little French maid costume.

He slipped it on and found himself transformed into a beautiful blonde haired woman he recognised from YouTube.

OMG I AM Kat Wonders!

He guess these clothes must have been in chanted or something.

after having a very sensual shower in her body he decided to see what the next item would turn him into.

He pulled out a little skirt and knee high socks.

He was not prepared for the shock of sexual energy.

This woman was so incredibly horny that he had no choice but to flop down on his couch & masturbate until he passed out with exhaustion.

When he came to the next morning he pulled off the skirt and knee high socks and pulled on a bathrobe and a pair of extremely stretchable pants.

The minute the clothes were on his body he felt dizzy he felt sick he felt extremely heavy.

When he looked over the body he now had he could see why.

He was now an extremely heavily pregnant woman who was not far off giving birth.

For some reason he found this body the most intoxicating.

He decided 24-hours like this would be a good experience for him.

He would be able to better understand women if he knew what they had to go through.

The first 3 days were easy he enjoyed being a pregnant woman despite the swollen ankles backache and the constant need to pee.

He loved the feeling of something growing inside of him.

He loved the way people reacted to him when he went to the shops for something to satisfy his cravings for jalapeno chocolate and pickle sandwiches.

The longer I stay the more I love it.

I know if I don't change soon I will become a mother.



  1. Love this! I forgot about this one that I requested haha. Can u do a follow up where I get my friend to go to the enchanted charity store and he gathers a neat collection of clothes turning him into a gilf, goth girl, a porn star actress, and an Old widow which he finds out is rich and he claims her fortune but returns as the sexy porn star as he liked the sex in that body :3

    1. Hi Shadow
      thank you for getting in touch I will work on that shortly.